Saint Frumentius


Called “Abuna” or “the father” of Ethiopia, sent to that land by St. Athanasius. Frumentius was born in Tyre, Lebanon. According to a 4th century historian, who cites St. Frumentius’ brother St. Aedesius as his authority, while still children Frumentius and Aedesius accompanied their uncle Metropius on a voyage to Ethiopia. When their ship stopped at one of the harbors of the Red Sea, the locals massacred the whole crew, with the exception of the two boys, who were taken as slaves to the King of Aksum. At the royal court at Aksum (Axum), they soon attained high positions. St. Aedesius was royal cup bearer, and St. Frumentius was a secretary. They introduced Christianity to that land.

When Abreha and Asbeha inherited the Ethiopian throne from their father, St. Frumentius went to Alexandria, Egypt, to ask St. Athanasius to send a missionary to Ethiopia. He was consecrated a bishop and converted many more upon his return to Aksum. Frumentius and St. Aedesius are considered the apostles of Ethiopia.



  1. In the name of Jesus, I ask all our saints to pray for our troubled people in this world. Please bless our children and take care of them through our prayers. Please help all those that are suffering in this life.
    Lord graciously hear my prayers. Help my children that are unemployed and unable to find work as well as many young children seeking employment. Help the sick and dying, the poor & homeless. Lord take care of us all. In your precious name – Amen.