Catholic Saint of the Day

Catholic Saint of the Day

Pope Saint Celestine V

Pope Saint Celestine V reigned a mere five months. The primary objective of his pontificate was to reform clergy. He abdicated on 13 December 1294, the last pope to do so until Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope Saint John I

Little is known of Pope Saint John I's life before he took office as pope, except that he was born in Tuscany. After a journey to Constantinople concerning Ariansism, he was arrested by Theordric, Arian king of the Ostrogoths. Worn out by his journey and probably starved, John died in prison soon after. Pope St. John I is honored as a martyr.

Saint Paschal Baylon

Saint Paschal Baylon (24 May 1540 – 17 May 1592) was a Spanish friar (OFM). He was a mystic and contemplative, and he had frequent ecstatic visions. He would spend the night before the altar in prayer many nights. At the same time, he sought to downplay any glory that might come from this piety/ He is the patron saint of Eucharistic congresses and Eucharistic associations.

Saint Brendan

Saint Brendan, known also as St. Brendan the Voyager was an Irish missionary. According to pious legend he sailed with a company of monks in search of a land called Terra Repromissionis. Some historians believe he discovered the New World in the 6th century.

Saint Isidore the Farmer

Saint Isidore the Farmer (c. 1070 – 15 May 1130) was a Spanish day laborer known for his goodness toward the poor and animals. He is the patron of farmers, rural communities and of Madrid, Spain.

Saint Matthias the Apostle

Jesus' choice of 12 Apostles points to a consciousness of a symbolic mission—originally there were 12 tribes of Israel—that the community maintained after the Crucifixion. Acts reveals that Matthias accompanied Jesus and the Apostles from the time of the Lord's Baptism to his Ascension and that, when it became time to replace Judas, the Apostles cast lots between Matthias and another candidate, St. Joseph Barsabbas.

The Solemnity Of The Ascension

The Ascension of Our Lord, which occurred 40 days after Jesus Christ rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, is the final act of our redemption that Christ began on Good Friday. On this day, the risen Christ, in the sight of His apostles, ascended bodily into Heaven (Luke 24:51; Mark 16:19; Acts 1:9-11).

Saint Leopold Mandic

Saint Leopold Mandic (May 12, 1866 - June 30, 1942) was an ethnic Croatian. Physically malformed and delicate, having a height of only 1.35m (4'5''), with a clumsy walk and stuttering, he developed tremendous spiritual strength. He is called the Saint of Confession. His feast is celebrated May 12.

Saint Mamertus

Saint Mamertus is best remembered as he originator of the penitential practice of Rogation days. This practice is marked by processions and Psalms for the three days preceding the feast of the Ascension.

Saint Damien of Molokai

Father Damien or Saint Damien of Molokai (3 January 1840 – 15 April 1889), was member of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. For 16 years he cared for the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of those in the leper colony of Molokaʻi. He eventually contracted and died of the disease, and is widely considered a "martyr of charity".



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