Vatican announces beatification of John Paul II

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Benedict XVI has announced the beatification of of Pope John Paul II. The announcement comes after a miracle was unanimously approved by the Vatican’s congregation for the Causes of Saints.


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  1. ohhhh, what a wonderful sites I found just now, this will be a very interesting connections to others too… thanks Vatican!!!!!

  2. I am happy that pope John paul will be beatified on Divine Mercy Sunday. He is the mercy pope. He lived a life of holiness.mercy and love. He’s a proof for God’s goodness and existence.He’s an encouragement for us to trust and hope in God.

  3. estamos verdaderamente contentos por la noticia, sabemos perfectamente que Juan Pablo II fue un hombre entregado a Dios en cuerpo y alma. y este acontecimiento nos tiene con el corazon lleno de regocijo, al saber que al fin se le reconocera todo lo que el hizo por toda la humanidad VIVA JUAN PABLO II

  4. Estamos muy contentos x la beatificacion del papa Juan Pablo ll y para que la alegria sea mayor en Venezuela nos Beatifiquen al Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez gracias Santo padre Benedicto XVI


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