On Friday, some people in the poor neighborhood of Ostia in Rome, heard an unexpected knocking at the door. When they opened it, they were in for the surprise of a lifetime. Standing at their door was none other than Pope Francis!

Pope Francis was going door-to-door blessing houses as part of his “Mercy Fridays”, which he began during the 2015-1016 Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, where the Holy Father engages in specific corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Accompanied by a local priest, Pope Francis performed a home blessing, which is usually done by the parish priest, which is traditionally done during the Easter season in Rome.

Wearing a stole and holding an aspergillum, Pope Francis went to about 12 homes, blessing the residents and greeting them with kisses on the cheeks.

Pope Francis even joked with residents and apologized for disturbing them during the customary after lunch quiet time where many people often nap.

Watch the video below:


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  1. I wonder what my reaction would be?? O my! It’s a very remote possibility- but it would be. Very, very great honor!! Because it would be dream come true! GOD bless him and keep him in HIS loving care!! VIVA IL SANTO PAPA!


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