Las Vegas Shooting Survivor: “I Was Agnostic – Now I’m A Believer”


In an interview with CNN, a survivor of the Las Vegas Strip mass shooting Taylor Benge recalled the harrowing events and heroic tales that occurred that night, along with how it impacted his faith.

In the beginning of the interview, Taylor Benge recounted what transpired for him and his sister when the shooting began:

“My sister and I, we started running to the left and every time they shot, we took cover. My sister, being as noble as she, she actually threw herself on top of me and was saying, ‘I love you Taylor, I love you.’ And I’ll never forget that. I saw a bunch of people trying to help. Unfortunately, I also saw a lot of loved ones with their significant others holding them as they passed.”

Towards the end of his interview, he told CNN that going into the concert he was agnostic, but leaving it he had full faith in God.

“I was agnostic going into that concert and I’m a firm believer in God now. Because there’s no way that all of that happened and that I made it and I was blessed enough to still be here alive talking to you today.”

Watch Taylor Benge’s interview on CNN below, with his comments on his faith beginning around 90 seconds in:



    • Roy I visited Las Vegas and felt the same way. That it was sin city. But after living there for 6 months I found that there were made of Gods people living there too! They are constantly praying for this city of sin. The love showed in the aftermath of this horrible event bares this out. Many reaching out to familys in pain, lots are giving blood and assistance. God came to save the sinners. The faithful don’t need to do more then they are all ready doing. They know what to do…and do it. And by the way there are just as many churches of all denominations as the are hotels there. Bobbie from michigan.

      • There are 30 parishes in Las Vegas diocese.I lived ther for 3years and just left 2weeks ago to come back east…Yes Vegas ,the strip is one of many extreme temptations.But the people that live there are not the tourist.Actually we were kinda waiting for Sunday Mass to be attacked,always on your guard…But the reality is this can happen anywhere and maybe coming to your neighborhood as well…We just don’t know.

    • When something very bad happens to you, you might as well pray to God… God allows evil to happen in the world to create something greater from it… And if it happens to you, I’m sure you would start thinking about the evil you did and if God is there for you or not…

  1. Praise God. His testimony is real and sincere. Only a fool would c9ntinue to think there is no God after going through this tragedy.