Why Do We Sing At Mass?

Father Michael dives deep into the reasoning and meaning of song at mass. He also examines what happens when we participate in song.

Gospel Reflection For January 13, 2018 – Feast of the Baptism...

Jesus was baptized to be closer to us. Father Burns reflects on the Gospel Readings for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

Did You Know One of the Most Popular X-Men Is a...

The X-Men: The Animated Series brought to life the characters from the classic X-Men comic books. One of these characters is the popular mutant superhero Nightcrawler, who many don't know is a pious and devout Catholic.

Why Was Jesus Baptized?

Father Michael Nixon discusses church teaching regarding the consumption of alcohol. He also offers advice on what one should do, should they desire to consume alcohol in accordance with a Christian lifestyle.

Gospel Reflection For January 6, 2018 – Feast of the Epiphany

Jesus has a magnetic draw, and because of Him, so do you. Father Burns reflects on the Gospel Readings for the Feast of the Epiphany.

What Should You Wear To Mass?

Father Michael discusses how and why you should think about what you're wearing to Mass. He also examines why it's important to welcome those who might not be dressed to your standards.

Pope’s Intention For June 2016: Solidarity in Cities

That the aged, marginalized, and those who have no one may find–even within the huge cities of the world–opportunities for encounter and solidarity.

Gospel Reflection For March 24, 2019 – The Third Sunday of...

During Lent, make space for God. This Lenten Reflection is presented by Steve Angrisano.

The Climax of the Mass

Everything that happens at the mass culminates in the moment of consecration. Father Michael discusses the importance of the celebration of the Eucharist.
Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Christ is risen from the dead! Dying, he conquered death; To the dead, he has given life.

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