Liturgy: Your Taste Doesn’t Matter.

We’re avoiding the difficult yet necessary duty of conforming ourselves to what God requires of us and, instead, trying to conform our religion to our pre-existing preferences.

Counterfeit Catholicism

We shouldn’t have to raid the pantry of other creeds to have a fully fleshed out system of thought

Does Clericalism Explain Corruption?

At every turn of scandal, authorities, including the Pope, continue to tell us that these are symptoms of clericalism.

Is The Bible Reliable?

The whole affair is an astonishing revelation of how far our society has fallen from any notion of decency and good-will.

Does God Care How We Worship?

Brian Holdsworth discusses liturgy and whether or not God cares how we worship him.

How Christianity Led to Science

There’s this narrative out there that says that science arose in Christian Europe in spite of the antagonism of the religious authorities against reason. It portrays the scientific revolution as the inevitable triumph of reason over superstition.

The Inquisition Doesn’t Bother Me.

The inquisition existed to protect people from unjust persecution by ignorant and uninformed authorities.

Defeating Pro-Life Arguments

Notre Dame, and other buildings like it, are left over from an age that believed something fundamentally different about art and design.

Gospel Reflection For January 13, 2018 – Feast of the Baptism...

Jesus was baptized to be closer to us. Father Burns reflects on the Gospel Readings for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

Gospel Reflection For February 17, 2019 – The Sixth Sunday of...

If you're not moving forward in your spiritual life, then you are floating backward. There is danger in being comfortable. Father Burns reflects on the Gospel Readings for the Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time.

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