If You Were Pope What Would You Change?

This experiment we’ve been on for the last half-century has been one in which we’ve been chasing cultural relevance only to drive our Church into a deeper state of cultural irrelevance.

Yet Another Scandal In The Church…

It’s a strange idea that the only way to truly respect and honor women is to expect them to be more like men. That seems like you're just honoring men and masculinity.

Will YOU Go To Heaven?

If we’re just sitting around assuming that we are destined for reward when we’re not, the best thing we can encounter is a bit of that old fashioned cynicism.

Catholics Come Home

This ad, by, emphasizes the history, beauty, spirituality and accomplishments of the Catholic Church over her 2,000 year history. It illustrates how the...

Prayer To Saint Charbel

From the monastery of Annaya Charbel lit the candle of light our communities and the whole world are praying and wishing Charbel pray for us O Monk on the...

Quid Est Veritas? The Truth About The Catholic Church

"Quid Est Veritas?" This is the question posed by Pontius Pilate to Jesus Christ. It means "What is truth?" This video shows the truth about the...

The Great Commission

Father Michael examines the final mission Jesus gave all of His disciples before He ascended into heaven.

Gospel Reflection For December 23, 2018 – Fourth Sunday of Advent

Why do we honor Mary? Because Jesus is our brother and our Savior so that makes Mary our Mother and our Queen. Father Burns reflects on the Gospel Readings for the Fourth Sunday of Advent.

Why Does God Love Me?

Father Michael talks about baptism, how God enters into the messiness of our lives and makes a definitive proclamation that we are​ His beloved sons and daughters.

A Brief History Of The Popemobile

It's one of the most iconic vehicles in the world. Here's a brief history of the Popemobile.

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