Does God Care How We Worship?

Brian Holdsworth discusses liturgy and whether or not God cares how we worship him.

What Is More Powerful Than Exorcisms?

Is there something more powerful than an exorcism that can set us free from the works of the devil? Find out on today's episode of Made for Glory.

Should You Marry Someone With Different Beliefs?

Should you marry someone with different beliefs? If you do, what impact will that have on your relationship long-term, and how will you deal with those differences?

Can A Catholic Be A Freemason?

Today on Made for Glory, Father Michael Nixon discusses whether or not Catholicism and Freemasonry are compatible.

Do Catholics Have a Relationship with Jesus?

Watch Brian Holdsworth’s video addressing the question of whether or not Catholics have a relationship with Jesus.

ConfessItAll Commmercial – The Brothers In Black

Use this product - it will change your life! When it comes to forgiveness there is nothing like confession. Through it God washes away our...

[Video] The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe

On December 9, Our Lady appeared to a poor Indian named Cuauhtlatohuac, who  was baptized and given the name Juan Diego. The lady spoke to...

Prayer to St. Michael The Archangel

“Fight this day the battle of the Lord, together with the holy angels, as already thou hast fought the leader of the proud angels,...

Can Christians Drink Alcohol?

Father Michael Nixon discusses church teaching regarding the consumption of alcohol. He also offers advice on what one should do, should they desire to consume alcohol in accordance with a Christian lifestyle.

What Does Pope Francis Pray At Bedtime?

What bedtime prayers does Pope Francis say? In his last general audience before the summer break, the Pontiff revealed a personal detail of his prayer life.

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