Gospel Reflection For April 28, 2019 – Divine Mercy Sunday

God doesn't wait for us to come to Him, He comes to us with radical love.

Defeating Pro-Life Arguments

Notre Dame, and other buildings like it, are left over from an age that believed something fundamentally different about art and design.

Why Youth Leave The Church

Why are young people leaving the Church as they reach adulthood? Is it because as children they are being taught a version of Jesus and God that has more to do with Disney than Saint Thomas Aquinas?

Science Vs. Religion?

Are science and religion, particularly the Catholic religion, in opposition? Find out on this episode of Made for Glory.

Pope Pius XII and St. Peter’s Tomb

Under the nose of the Nazis, Pope Pius XII excavates below St. Peter's Basilica to discover St. Peter's Tomb.  

The Offertory

Father Michael offers a special way of looking at the collection that happens during mass. Specifically, he looks at how it can be a moment of deep and profound prayer.

Evangelize The World

Sharing good news with people you love - that's what evangelizaiton is all about.

Gospel Reflection For March 24, 2019 – The Third Sunday of...

During Lent, make space for God. This Lenten Reflection is presented by Steve Angrisano.

Gospel Reflection For June 16, 2019 – Trinity Sunday

He rescued us from the power of sin and death. How do we rise with Christ?

Can Christians Get Tattoos?

Can Christians get tattoos? Doesn't it say in the Bible ”You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you"? Watch this episode of Made for Glory as Father Michael Nixon talks about Christians and tattoos.

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