Fox Releases Trailer For The New TV Series “The Exorcist”

Fox unveiled a trailer for a new TV series "The Exorcist", based on the classic 1973 groundbreaking film about Catholic priest performing an exorcism on a child.

My Vocation Is Love [Trailer]

A mini-series about discovering God's plan for our lives. Please help SHARE this with your friends, youth groups, and church communities! For more resources like...

3 Way To Find A Spiritual Director

Today, Jurell follows up on his last video giving us three ways we can seek out a spiritual director. He also points us to...

WOW. This Video Of A Franciscan Friar Playing Guitar Will Amaze...

Check out this video of Brother Isaiah, CFR performing "Jacob's Song".

Is it always possible to see Christ in Other People?

Today Jurell asks us what our biggest challenges are when we are trying to see Christ in all people. Tell us in the comments...

What Does Pope Francis Pray At Bedtime?

What bedtime prayers does Pope Francis say? In his last general audience before the summer break, the Pontiff revealed a personal detail of his prayer life.

Why Offer Your Day To The Lord

We are challenged to give our days and ultimately our lives back to the Giver of Life Himself, to God our Father!

Beginning of Holiness

According to Blessed Mother Teresa, PRAYER leads to ONENESS WITH GOD which leads to HOLINESS.

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