Receiving the Eucharist

Father Michael explores the profoundness of the Eucharist. Particularly, in and through the nuptial union it represents.

Gospel Reflection For April 14, 2019 – Palm Sunday

During Holy Week, let's connect more closely with the Passion of our Lord Jesus.

How Christianity Led to Science

There’s this narrative out there that says that science arose in Christian Europe in spite of the antagonism of the religious authorities against reason. It portrays the scientific revolution as the inevitable triumph of reason over superstition.

The Climax of the Mass

Everything that happens at the mass culminates in the moment of consecration. Father Michael discusses the importance of the celebration of the Eucharist.

Gospel Reflection For April 7, 2019 – The Fifth Sunday of...

Trust in the mercy of our Lord Jesus. Watch Father Burns reflect on the Gospel for the Fifth Sunday of Lent.

The Liberal Hypocrisy On Sex

Prior to the sexual revolution, our society had a certain legal and moral consensus on sexual behaviour. Then certain factions in society started pushing for a cultural shift that produced the sexual revolution based on a desire to liberalize sexuality in western society.

The World’s Biggest Bible Study

Father Michael offers insight into just how scripturally rich the Mass is. He also talks about the universal experience of every Catholic as they attend Mass.

Gospel Reflection For March 31, 2019 – The Fourth Sunday of...

Are we like the older brother? As soon as we turn towards God, He runs to us. Watch Father Burns reflect on the Gospel for the Fourth Sunday of Lent

The Offertory

Father Michael offers a special way of looking at the collection that happens during mass. Specifically, he looks at how it can be a moment of deep and profound prayer.

Gospel Reflection For March 24, 2019 – The Third Sunday of...

During Lent, make space for God. This Lenten Reflection is presented by Steve Angrisano.

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