Pope Francis: “Apostolate of Prevention” Needed to Prevent Abuse

Speaking to those taking a course on the protection of minors, Pope Francis said an "apostalate of prevention" is needed to prevent abuse.

France Passes Bill Organizing Funds for Notre Dame Restoration

The French National Assembly passed a bill organizing funds for the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral, 3 months after the devastating fire.

Pope Francis Appoints a New Spokesman for the Vatican

Pope Francis has appointed a new spokesman for the Vatican, Matteo Bruni, succeeding interim director of the Holy See Press Office Alessandro Gisotti.

On Sea Sunday, Vatican Asks for Prayer and Protection of Seafarers

On Sea Sunday, the Vatican called for prayers for and the protections of the rights of all seafarers, fishermen, and maritime workers.

Archaeologists Confirm Epic Victory Battle Tale of First Crusade

Archaeologists confirmed a victory tale of the First Crusade, when Christians retaking Jerusalem filled in a defensive ditch with stones to retake the city.

Investigation of Vatican Cemetery to Continue in Case of Missing Girl

The Vatican will open two more ossuaries at the Teutonic Cemetery, continuing their investigation to help solve the case of a girl who disappeared in Rome.

Vatican Cemetery Opens Tombs to Help Solve Case of Missing Girl

The Vatican opened two tombs at the Teutonic Cemetery as part of an investigation into the disappearance of a young girl in Rome 36 years ago.

Bishop to Spray Holy Water from Helicopter over City to “Get...

In a mass exorcism, Holy Water will be sprayed from a helicopter over the Columbian city of Buenaventura to "get rid of the devil."

Pope Francis Meets with Vladimir Putin to Discuss Global Affairs

Pope Francis met with Vladimir Putin on July 4th, the two discussing international affairs in Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela and the Church in Russia.

California Pulls Bill Forcing Priests to Break Confessional Seal

The California senate has dropped a state bill that if signed into law would have forced priests to violate the seal of confession.

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