Bishop to Spray Holy Water from Helicopter over City to “Get...

In a mass exorcism, Holy Water will be sprayed from a helicopter over the Columbian city of Buenaventura to "get rid of the devil."

Pope Francis Meets with Vladimir Putin to Discuss Global Affairs

Pope Francis met with Vladimir Putin on July 4th, the two discussing international affairs in Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela and the Church in Russia.

California Pulls Bill Forcing Priests to Break Confessional Seal

The California senate has dropped a state bill that if signed into law would have forced priests to violate the seal of confession.

Fulton Sheen Soon to Be Blessed After Pope Francis’s Approval of...

Pope Francis approved a miracle attributed to soon-to-be Blessed Fulton Sheen's intercession, paving the way for his beatification.

Pope Francis Gives Relics of Saint Peter to Orthodox Patriarch

In an ecumenical move, Pope Francis gave patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople a reliquary containing bone fragments of Saint Peter.

John Henry Newman Canonization Date Set for October 13th

Pope Francis formally approved the canonizations of John Henry Newman and four others, set later this year for October 13th.

Pope Francis on Trump-Kim Meeting: “A Further Step on the Path...

Pope Francis called the recent unexpected meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un "a further step on the path of peace."

Watch: Fulton Sheen’s Remains Arrive in Peoria Reopening Sainthood Cause

Fulton Sheen's remains have been transferred from the crypts of Saint Patrick's in New York to Peoria in Illinois, reopening his cause for canonization.

Vatican to Have 24 Hour Live Broadcast for Stop Cyberbullying Day

On Stop Cyberbullying Day, Pope Francis and the Vatican will launch a 24 hour live broadcast to discuss solving online bullying with global experts.

Pope Francis to Oil CEOs: “Time Is Running Out!” on Climate...

Pope Francis told leaders of global oil and gas companies that "time is running out" to solve the climate crisis, saying "decisive action" must be taken.

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