Pope Francis: “Apostolate of Prevention” Needed to Prevent Abuse

Speaking to those taking a course on the protection of minors, Pope Francis said an "apostalate of prevention" is needed to prevent abuse.

Notre Dame Cathedral to Be Restored as It Was

Amid controversy over exactly how the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral will be restored, a French parliament bill passed to ensure it will look exactly the same.

Cardinal Pell’s Abuse Appeal Verdict Will Be Livestreamed August 21st

The verdict will be handed down in the appeal of Cardinal George Pell's abuse conviction during a livestream on August 21st at 9:30a.m.

Wisconsin Bill Would Force Priests to Break Seal of Confession

A Wisconsin state bill would remove the reporting exemption for Catholic priests, forcing them to break the seal of confession.

Bones of Missing Girl Not Found in Investigation at Vatican Cemetery

The bones of a girl who went missing in Rome were not found after opening two ossuaries, ending the investigation at the Vatican Teutonic...

France Passes Bill Organizing Funds for Notre Dame Restoration

The French National Assembly passed a bill organizing funds for the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral, 3 months after the devastating fire.

Pope Francis Appoints a New Spokesman for the Vatican

Pope Francis has appointed a new spokesman for the Vatican, Matteo Bruni, succeeding interim director of the Holy See Press Office Alessandro Gisotti.

Pope Francis Says Euthanasia Is Not Freedom

In a meeting with the Italian Association of Medical Oncology, Pope Francis condemned euthanasia not as freedom, but as reducing the person to a "thing."

Pope Francis Says He Is “Not Afraid of Schisms”

On his flight back from Africa Pope Francis, held a press conference saying he is "not afraid of schisms" but "there is always the...

Now You Can Learn Latin: Duolingo Revives “Dead” Language with Free...

Duolingo, the popular online language learning platform is reviving a "dead" language: their new free course lets you learn Latin.

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