Pope Francis on Seminarians: “If There’s a Doubt About Homosexuality, It’s...

In a closed door meeting with Italian bishops, Pope Francis offered his take on the growing vocations crisis, saying that if there is any doubt about homosexuality it is better not to have candidates enter the seminary.

A Step Closer to Unity? Over Two-Thirds of Russian Orthodox Accept...

In a recent survey that asked members of the Russian Orthodox church if they believed the Filioque of the Nicene Creed was correct, over two-thirds of respondents agreed that "and the Son" is correct.

This New Pokemon Go Clone Lets You Collect Catholic Saints

A new clone of the wildly popular game Pokemon Go has blended technology with evangelization, allowing players to collect Catholic saints and more!

Holy Mass And Canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Live video stream of the Holy Mass and Canonization of Mother Teresa below: Biography of Saint Teresa of Calcutta: Small of stature, rocklike in faith, Mother...

Archbishop: Electric Guitar and Drums Are “Never Appropriate, Mass Requires Sacred...

Sacred music is an essential element of the Liturgy - electric guitar and drums are "never appropriate" during Mass, says Archbishop Sample of Portland.

Pope Francis Performs Impromptu Wedding On Papal Plane

Pope Francis performed an impromptu wedding for two flight attendants aboard the papal flight on his journey to Chile and Peru, the first marriage of its kind.

Pope Francis Says Mercy Is “More Effective Than Walls”

In a Facebook messenger chat via Missio's PopeBot, addressing the cultural collision being created by migrants fleeing war-torn conflict zones, Pope Francis said that...

Nebraska Approves Planned Parenthood License Plates After Court Battle

The Nebraska DMV has approved a "My Body, My Choice" license plate that was designed by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland after they lost a court battle late last year to prevent the introduction of pro-life license plates.

Holy Smokes! The Pope Bans Cigarette Sales in the Vatican

Last Thursday, Pope Francis ordered the ban of all cigarette sales within the Vatican starting 2018, citing World Health Organization statistics that say smoking is the cause of seven million preventable deaths per year.

Pope Francis Tells His Papal Nuncios Not to Criticize Him “Behind...

At a third triennial meeting with apostolic nuncios, Pope Francis reminded them not to criticize him or the Church "behind his back."

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