Pope Francis’ Homily at the Opening Mass of the Synod on...

Fulll Vatican-provided translation of the homily Pope Francis delivered during the Opening Mass of the Synod on the Family

Incredible Painting Depicting Face of Jesus Found in Ruins of Ancient...

Archaeologists have discovered a painting depicting the face of a young Jesus Christ in the ruins of an ancient church in the Israeli desert, one of the oldest in existence.

Saginaw Bishop Removes Priest For Attempting To Restore Tradition At His...

A priest is facing consequences for attempting to restore some tradition to the liturgy at a dying and aging parish.

Police Remove Faithful Praying the Rosary from a Catholic Cathedral During...

In a Catholic cathedral, police removed a small group praying the rosary aloud for disrupting a service that was celebrating the Protestant Reformation.

Pope Francis Injured In Colombia, Gets Black Eye And Cut

An unexpected bump in the popemobile caused the Holy Father to sustained a black eye and cut above his left eyebrow.

Pope Francis Approves John Henry Newman’s Elevation to the Sainthood

Pope Francis signed off on the second miracle attributed to John Henry Newman's intercession, clearing the way for his canonization into the sainthood.

Full Text Of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Lætitia

Full official text of Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Lætitia, the Holy Father's teaching on joy, marriage, and the family.

New Study: Christianity Is Rapidly Dying in Europe

Results from a recently released research study reveal that Christianity is dying out in Europe, as young people are seemingly turning away from the faith at record rates.

Dates To Be Set for the Canonization of Blessed Pope Paul...

Last week the Vatican announced Pope Francis recognized second miracles attributed to the intercession of Blessed Pope Paul VI and Blessed Óscar Romero, the final step on their path to sainthood.

Schism in the Orthodox Church: Russian Orthodox Cut Ties with Constantinople

In what is being called the greatest split in the Orthodox Church of modern history, the Russian Orthodox Church has officially cut ties with the Constantinople Patriarchate and are now in "schism" with each other.

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