Bernie Sanders Praises Pope Francis In Interview, Says Pope Is A...

Presidential Candidate Senator Bernie Sanders gave an interview with the Canadian Catholic TV network Salt & Light where he praised Pope Francis and says he believes Pope Francis is a socialist.

Trump’s New Tariff on China Taxes Rosaries and Scapulars, but Not...

President Trump's new 300 billion dollar tariff on trade with China provides an exception for bibles, but taxes rosaries and material items of devotion.

ISIS Plot To Attack Vatican Uncovered

Italian police issued warrants for people suspected of plotting attacks in Rome, specifically on the Vatican and the Israeli embassy.

The UN Shows Its Obliviousness

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of Children issued a sixteen page, 67-paragraph report on the Holy See on January 31, 2014. It exposes the utter obliviousness of the UN to the distinction between the Catholic religion and the sovereign independent nation of Vatican City. Likewise, it exposes the real agenda at the UN to deify political correctness and to usurp authority to make itself the supreme arbiter of human activity.

Age of Jesus Christ’s Tomb Confirmed by Archaeologists

New results show that archaeological testing at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre confirmed the age of Jesus Christ's tomb to align with the fourth century construction of the Edicule that houses it.

Live Stream: Holy Mass and Canonization of Fr. Junipero Serra

Pope Francis presides at celebration of Holy Mass for the Canonization of Blessed Fr. Junipero Serra, on the occasion of his apostolic visit to the United States

Pope Francis Responds to Accusations of Heresy “With a Sense of...

Pope Francis said he reacted to the accusations of heresy against himself by theologians earlier this month "with a sense of humor."

Pope Francis Speaks to Astronauts Aboard International Space Station

On Thursday in the Vatican Pope Francis had a rather unusual meeting - a satellite phone call with the six astronauts currently aboard the International Space Station.

Pope Francis Speaks out Against Prostitution: “It’s Torture.”

Pope Francis spoke out against prostitution last Monday, calling it a "crime against humanity," and asked for forgiveness from society for those with a "sick mentality" that frequent prostitutes.

Watch: Living Rosary Planned to Be Prayed “Coast-to-Coast” This October in...

In an event echoing the millions who gathered around the Polish border, and the thousands who lined the coast of the United Kingdom to pray the rosary, the United States will have their own "Rosary Coast to Coast" taking place later this year.

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