Pope Francis: “All Prayers Are Answered in God’s Time”

Tackling the age-old question why at times it seems our fervent pleas go unanswered, Pope Francis said that "every prayer is answered, in God's time."

Watch: Pope Francis Releases Video for His January Prayer Intention, That...

The Holy Father released "The Pope Video" for his January prayer intention, that young people follow the example of Mary in sharing Jesus to the World.

Hysterectomy Morally Licit When Womb Cannot Sustain Pregnancy, Vatican’s CDF Affirms

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has affirmed that a hysterectomy can be morally licit when the uterus is unable to sustain a pregnancy. 

40 Catholic Missionaries Killed in 2018 Worldwide, Nearly Doubled Since Last...

Throughout the entirety of 2018, 40 Catholic missionaries were killed across the globe, a figure nearly double the previous year's toll of 23.

Vatican Press Office Director Greg Burke & Deputy Give Resignation to...

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of the Holy See Press Office Director Greg Burke, having served as the Holy Father's spokesman since August of 2016.

Franciscan Friars Arrested for Giving Roses and Words of Encouragement to...

In a "Red Rose Rescue," Franciscan Friars in New Jersey were arrested for giving roses and words of encouragement to women at an abortion clinic.

For Christmas, Pope Francis Opens Free Medical Clinic for the Poor...

In the spirit of Christmas giving, Pope Francis opened a new medical center in Saint Peter's Square for pilgrims and the poor who find themselves in need of care.

Fake Priest Discovered in Spain After 18 Years of “Ministry,” Communion...

After 18 years, a man pretending to be a priest has been outed and relieved of his duties by the Church, with all Communion and absolution given invalid.

Pope Francis to Approve Change to the Wording of the “Our...

The Italian Bishops' Conference has announced that Pope Francis will soon approve an alteration to the wording of the Lord's Prayer, swapping "lead us not into temptation" for "abandon us not into temptation."

This Christmas Eve, Beloved Carol “Silent Night” Turns 200 Years Old

This Christmas Eve marks the 200th anniversary when a simple poem set to guitar was played in what would be hailed as most beloved carol of all time.

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