Cardinal Burke on Abuse Scandal: Pope Must “Take Action,” Recognize “Homosexual...

In an interview given this week, Cardinal Burke gave his take on the clergy abuse scandal, saying Pope Francis must "take action," and there needs to be recognition of the "homosexual culture" of clergy.

Hundreds Attend Annual Catholic Mass Tradition At Cleveland Indians Ballpark

On the tenth anniversary of the tradition, more than 1200 Cleveland Indians fans packed into Progressive Field to attend a special celebration of Mass before the final regular season game.

Watch: Living Rosary Planned to Be Prayed “Coast-to-Coast” This October in...

In an event echoing the millions who gathered around the Polish border, and the thousands who lined the coast of the United Kingdom to pray the rosary, the United States will have their own "Rosary Coast to Coast" taking place later this year.

Pope Francis: Confession Needs to Be Restored “to the Place It...

Pope Francis called for the Sacrament of Confession to be restored "to the place it deserves," elevated in Catholic life and ministry.

Millions Gather Around Polish Border to Pray the Rosary

Last Saturday, millions of Polish Catholics gathered around the countries 2000 mile border forming a human chain where they prayed the rosary to "save Poland and the world."

Incredible Painting Depicting Face of Jesus Found in Ruins of Ancient...

Archaeologists have discovered a painting depicting the face of a young Jesus Christ in the ruins of an ancient church in the Israeli desert, one of the oldest in existence.

A Discovery of Biblical Proportions: Physical Evidence of the Prophet Isaiah...

A team of archaeologists working in Israel believe they have discovered a clay impression dated to be 2700 years old that bears the seal of the Prophet Isaiah.

Court Rules Venerable Fulton Sheen’s Body May Be Moved from New...

A judge for the Supreme Court of New York has ruled in favor of allowing the remains of Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen to be moved from New York City to Peoria, Illinois.

The UN Shows Its Obliviousness

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of Children issued a sixteen page, 67-paragraph report on the Holy See on January 31, 2014. It exposes the utter obliviousness of the UN to the distinction between the Catholic religion and the sovereign independent nation of Vatican City. Likewise, it exposes the real agenda at the UN to deify political correctness and to usurp authority to make itself the supreme arbiter of human activity.

Resources For The New Roman Missal

The Roman Missal will be implemented in the United States of America on the First Sunday of Advent, November 27, 2011. Changes In The New...

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