“It Is Not a Sin to Criticize the Pope,” Says Pope...

In his opening address to the Italian Episcopal Conference’s 71st General Assembly, Pope Francis offered some words of advice to a meeting of Italian bishops, saying to them: "it is not a sin to criticize the Pope here! It is not a sin, it can be done."

Kenyan Friar Who Gives His Salary to Poor Students Wins $1...

A Franciscan friar and science teacher in rural Kenya won the Global Teaching Award and a $1 million prize for his work with poor students in his community.

Theme Announced for 105th World Day of Migrants and Refugees: “Its...

The Vatican announced the theme for the celebration of the 2019 World Day of Migrants and Refugees: "It is not just about migrants."

Archbishop: Electric Guitar and Drums Are “Never Appropriate, Mass Requires Sacred...

Sacred music is an essential element of the Liturgy - electric guitar and drums are "never appropriate" during Mass, says Archbishop Sample of Portland.

Standing Room Only: Faithful Pack Church for Last Mass of Priest...

Parishioners packed the pews for the last Mass of Father Edwin C. Dwyer, the priest removed for attempting to restore tradition at his parish.

Pictures: First Mass Celebrated in Notre Dame Since Fire Wearing Hardhats

Mass was celebrated at the Notre Dame Cathedral on Sunday for the first time in nearly two months after a devastating fire, all attending wearing hardhats.

Former White House Strategist Claims The Catholic Church Only Supports Immigrants...

In his first major interview since leaving the Trump administration, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon commented on the Church's pro-immigration views, saying that the Church only has an economic interest in supporting immigrants to "fill pews."

Cardinal Burke Brought Back Into Roman Curia By Pope Francis

Raymond Cardinal Burke has been re-appointed to Congregation for the Causes of Saints from which he had been removed in December of 2013.

Google Celebrates Catholic Priest Who Formulated Big Bang Theory

For Tuesday, July 18, the Google doodle features Monsignor Georges Lemaître the Belgian priest and mathematician who formulated the Big Bang theory, on what would have been his 124th birthday.

Watch: Austrian Priest to Embark on Epic 2,500 Mile Pilgrimage Across...

One Austrian priest is embarking on an epic pilgrimage 2,550 mile pilgrimage across the Alps that will visit over 200 of the world's oldest, most beautiful, and most significant Catholic shrines, monasteries, churches, and other places of pilgrimage.

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