Pope Francis Issued Formal Filial Correction by Clergy and Lay Scholars

Last Saturday, members of clergy and lay scholars from around the world issued to Pope Francis a formal filial correction, the first in over six hundred years, for what they believe are "7 heretical positions about marriage, the moral life, and the reception of the sacraments."

The Face of Mary Magdalene Reconstructed by Forensic Scientists

Using remains believed to belong to Saint Mary Magdalene, forensic scientists have reconstructed what her face would have looked like some two millennia ago during the time of our Lord.

Nun with a Chainsaw Helps Cleanup in Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma has finally dissipated over Florida, leaving in its destructive wake the costly and extensive task of cleaning up. Local community members have come together to help rebuild, including one nun with a chainsaw.

Acid Attack Victim Talked Out Of Suicide After Meeting with Pope...

Consuela Cordoba was injured in a horrific acid attack seventeen years ago and planned her own death by euthanasia, but changed her mind after hearing what Pope Francis had to say to her during a personal audience last week.

17th Century “Letter From The Devil” Written By A Possessed Nun...

After centuries of failed attempts, a letter written by a 17th century nun who claimed to be possessed by Satan himself has been finally decoded by a team of scientists from Catania, Sicily.

Pope Francis Injured In Colombia, Gets Black Eye And Cut

An unexpected bump in the popemobile caused the Holy Father to sustained a black eye and cut above his left eyebrow.

Former White House Strategist Claims The Catholic Church Only Supports Immigrants...

In his first major interview since leaving the Trump administration, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon commented on the Church's pro-immigration views, saying that the Church only has an economic interest in supporting immigrants to "fill pews."

ISIS Threatens Pope Francis And The Church In New Video

Pope Francis and the Catholic Church were directly threatened in a newly released video published by ISIS last Friday. The video depicts the desecration of a crucifix and a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, along with a burning of a church.

Pope Francis Says People Who Trust In Horoscopes and Fortune Tellers...

During Pope Francis' Angelus last Sunday in Saint Peter's Square, the Supreme Pontiff addressed those who consult with fortune tellers and horoscopes saying:

Regular Church Attendance Linked to Lowered Risk of Suicide

In a study that was published in August of last year, a link between regularly attending church and a lower risk for suicide was found. This trend goes against the sad reality of an increasing rate of suicide in the United States across men and women of all backgrounds.

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