Former White House Strategist Claims The Catholic Church Only Supports Immigrants...

In his first major interview since leaving the Trump administration, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon commented on the Church's pro-immigration views, saying that the Church only has an economic interest in supporting immigrants to "fill pews."

ISIS Threatens Pope Francis And The Church In New Video

Pope Francis and the Catholic Church were directly threatened in a newly released video published by ISIS last Friday. The video depicts the desecration of a crucifix and a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, along with a burning of a church.

Pope Francis Says People Who Trust In Horoscopes and Fortune Tellers...

During Pope Francis' Angelus last Sunday in Saint Peter's Square, the Supreme Pontiff addressed those who consult with fortune tellers and horoscopes saying:

Regular Church Attendance Linked to Lowered Risk of Suicide

In a study that was published in August of last year, a link between regularly attending church and a lower risk for suicide was found. This trend goes against the sad reality of an increasing rate of suicide in the United States across men and women of all backgrounds.
Complaining Not Allowed

Pope Francis Just Hung This Sign On The Door To His...

The Supreme Pontiff is showing his light hearted nature by decorating the door to his private room with a sign. Given the sign at the end of a general audience last Friday, it has large bolded text that says "NO COMPLAINING".

[Video] Shirtless Man Enters NYC Church, Threatens To Kill Praying Nun

A surveillance video shows the harrowing moments when a shirtless man entered into the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph in NYC and threatened to kill...

Cardinal Pell, Senior Adviser to the Pope, Charged with Sex Offenses

Cardinal George Pell, Cardinal-Prefect for the Secretariat for the Economy and senior adviser to the Pope, has been issued a summons to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court for multiple historical sexual offenses.

Breaking News: Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris On Lockdown After Reports...

Notre Dame Cathedral is on lockdown after reports of gunfire. It is so far unclear if the alleged gunshots came from cops arriving at the scene.

Thieves Steal Relic Of The Brain Of St. John Bosco

A thief or thieves posing as pilgrims have stolen a relic of the brain of Saint John Bosco and Catholics around the world are praying...

Video Shows ISIS-Backed Militants Destroying A Catholic Church

The video shows the jihadists desecrate the church by first smashing statues of Christ and other saints, and then setting the entire building on fire.

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