Former White House Strategist Claims The Catholic Church Only Supports Immigrants...

In his first major interview since leaving the Trump administration, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon commented on the Church's pro-immigration views, saying that the Church only has an economic interest in supporting immigrants to "fill pews."
Cardinal Dolan Prayer DNC

Cardinal Dolan’s prayer at the DNC in Charlotte, Sept. 6, 2012

The major networks skipped the closing prayer of the DNC in Charlotte. Here is Cardinal Timothy Dolan delivering the prayer.

Meriam Ibrahim Arrives Safely In Rome, Meets Pope Francis

Meriam Ibrahim, the 26-year Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death by Muslim authorities for marrying a Christian man has been release and arrived safely in Rome and met with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Pope Francis To Making Acting Debut In Children’s Movie

Pope Francis will portray himself in the upcoming film “Beyond the Sun,” marking the first time that a pope has appeared in a feature film.

Live Stream: The Pope’s Visit to Congress of the United States...

Pope Francis presides at celebration of Holy Mass for the Canonization of Blessed Fr. Junipero Serra, on the occasion of his apostolic visit to the United States

Pope Teams With Google, IBM & Microsoft To Improve Education

It's a program supported by the Pope and its mission is to improve education on a global level. The program is named Scholas Labs and its calling for international input.

BREAKING NEWS: Islamists Storm French Church, Behead 84-Year-Old Priest, Take Hostages...

According to reports in France, an 84-year-old priest has been beheaded and another hostage is ‘fighting for their life’ after two knife-wielding terrorists, reportedly...

UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Caught Selling Body Parts From Abortions

An undercover video released this morning shows a director of Planned Parenthood openly admitting that they use illegal partial birth abortion procedure to sell intact fetal body parts fort a profit.

Pope Francis Offers Prayers For President Trump

Pope Francis sent a message and offered prayers for Donald Trump on the occasion of his inauguration as the 45th president of the United States.

After Over 450 Years, Catholicism Returns To The Palace Of King...

The service, called "Faith and the Crown", mostly sung mainly in Latin, was the first Roman Catholic act of worship in over 450 years in King Henry VIII’s chapel.

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