Planned Parenthood Tweets “We Need A Disney Princess Who’s Had An...

In a detestable, but characteristically callous, tweet a Planned Parenthood branch in Pennsylvania tweeted that Disney needs to create a princess "who's had an abortion". The...

Court Rules Venerable Fulton Sheen’s Body May Be Moved from New...

A judge for the Supreme Court of New York has ruled in favor of allowing the remains of Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen to be moved from New York City to Peoria, Illinois.

Cardinal Pell’s Legal Team Makes Opening Arguments in Appeal of Abuse...

After a conviction for "historical abuse charges," Cardinal George Pell's legal team has made opening arguments setting out the case for his appeal.

Pope Francis Responds to Accusations of Heresy “With a Sense of...

Pope Francis said he reacted to the accusations of heresy against himself by theologians earlier this month "with a sense of humor."

France Passes Bill Organizing Funds for Notre Dame Restoration

The French National Assembly passed a bill organizing funds for the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral, 3 months after the devastating fire.

[Video] Bishop Punched In The Face During Mass In Appalling Attack

In a disturbing video, the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Newark, Most Reverend Manuel A. Cruz, is seen being stuck in the face by an assailant during Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Pope Francis Approves John Henry Newman’s Elevation to the Sainthood

Pope Francis signed off on the second miracle attributed to John Henry Newman's intercession, clearing the way for his canonization into the sainthood.

17th Century “Letter From The Devil” Written By A Possessed Nun...

After centuries of failed attempts, a letter written by a 17th century nun who claimed to be possessed by Satan himself has been finally decoded by a team of scientists from Catania, Sicily.

Vatican Cancels Vote on Sex Abuse Reform by US Bishops

The Holy See has ordered the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to delay voting on proposals that would lay the groundwork for a response to the sexual abuse crisis within the Church.

Topless FEMEN Protesters Kidnap Baby Jesus From Vatican Nativity Scene

A topless FEMEN protester tried to kidnap Baby Jesus from the manger at St. Peter's Square in Vatican City after the Pope's Christmas message on Thursday. The activist was stopped and arrested in front of shocked believers.

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