Pope Calls For Global End To The Death Penalty In The...

During his Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis has said that “all Christians and people of good will are called today to work not only for...

Pope Francis Is Given a Brand New Custom Lamborghini – and...

Godspeed! Pope Francis was given the keys to a brand new Lamborghini - and is auctioning it off for charity to help Iraqi Christians return to their country.

Parents Say Child Has Miraculous Recovery From Tumor After Pope Kissed...

Three years ago, she was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor as just an infant. Today, she's made a miraculous recovery - her parents say in part thanks to a kiss on her heard from Pope Francis.

Pope Francis Injured In Colombia, Gets Black Eye And Cut

An unexpected bump in the popemobile caused the Holy Father to sustained a black eye and cut above his left eyebrow.

The Colosseum to Be Lit Blood Red in Honor of Persecuted...

The Roman Colosseum is set to be lit up in bright blood red to draw attention to the troubling issue and growing indifference towards Christian persecution around the world, especially in Syria and Iraq.
Pope Francis and Rush Limbaugh

The Pope And Rush Limbaugh

A look at the Catholic morality concerning economics in Pope Francis' Gaudium Evanglii that Rush Limbaugh misunderstands and wrongly criticizes by Fr. John Trugilio Jr, PhD, ThD

Watch The Powerful Christian Testimony Of The Children Of The Man...

Robert Godwin Sr., a father and grandfather, was senselessly murdered on Easter by Steve Stephens, a man looking to randomly kill someone. Godwin was heading home...

Pope Francis Shares Heroic Story Of Sister Catherine Wanza

Sister Catherine has housed, educated, and loved almost 3,000 boys in Nairobi over the past 20 years almost single-handed.

United States Returns Stolen 1493 Christopher Columbus Letter to the Vatican

Last Thursday, a letter written in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, originally stolen from the Vatican Library but recently discovered, was returned to the Holy See by the United States.

Pope Francis on Allegations of Abuse Cover-Up: “I Will Not Say...

Speaking on the 11 page letter written by the former Vatican Nuncio to the United States that alleges Pope Francis was involved in a cover-up of the McCarrick abuse scandal, the Holy Father has said that he will "not say a single word."

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