Watch: Screaming Man Interrupts Mass, Rushes Altar During Live TV Mass

During a live television broadcast of Sunday morning Mass by EWTN, a man screaming profanities rushed the altar, interrupting the priest during Communion.

The Father of the Big Bang Theory Given Credit With Official...

Known as the "Father of the Big Bang Theory," Georges Lemaître was given credit for his proposal of an expanding universe with an official renaming of the theory.

This New Pokemon Go Clone Lets You Collect Catholic Saints

A new clone of the wildly popular game Pokemon Go has blended technology with evangelization, allowing players to collect Catholic saints and more!

Over 200 Australian Youths Send Open Letter to the Synod Fathers

Over 200 Catholic university students and alumni have penned an Open Letter to the Synod on Youth, saying that young people want the truth.  The unambiguous truth. Not watered down teachings, false embellishments, weak instruction, and a Church that changes with the times.

Schism in the Orthodox Church: Russian Orthodox Cut Ties with Constantinople

In what is being called the greatest split in the Orthodox Church of modern history, the Russian Orthodox Church has officially cut ties with the Constantinople Patriarchate and are now in "schism" with each other.

Pope Francis Says That Having an Abortion Is like “Hiring a...

In an address to his weekly audience in Saint Peter's Square, Pope Francis compared having abortion to "hiring a hitman to solve a problem."In an address to his weekly audience in Saint Peter's Square, Pope Francis compared having abortion to "hiring a hitman to solve a problem."

Pope Francis Receives Invitation from Kim Jong-Un to Visit North Korea

The South Korean Presidential Office has announced that Pope Francis has received a formal invitation from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to visit their capital, Pyongyang.

Princess Removed From British Royal Line Of Succession After Becoming Catholic

After converting to Catholicism, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, a member of the Royal Family of Monaco, was removed from her distant position in the line of succession for the British Crown.

Could These Desert Ruins Found in Israel Prove the Story of...

The Book of Exodus tells perhaps the most iconic story found in the Bible, where Moses leads the Israelites away from slavery in Egypt. Could these recently discovered ruins near the Jordan river provide archaeological evidence for the Exodus?

Cardinal Wuerl Announces That He Will Ask Pope Francis To Accept...

In a statement published on the Catholic Standard, the Archdiocesan newspaper for Washington D.C., Cardinal Donald Wuerl announced that he will travel to Rome to meet with Pope Francis and ask him to accept his resignation as Archbishop.

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