Priest Refuses Communion to Pro-Abortion Irish Politician

A Catholic parish priest refused to minister the Eucharist to an Irish politician, after he revealed his vote to support legalized abortion in Ireland.

Archbishop: Electric Guitar and Drums Are “Never Appropriate, Mass Requires Sacred...

Sacred music is an essential element of the Liturgy - electric guitar and drums are "never appropriate" during Mass, says Archbishop Sample of Portland.

Pope Francis Says “Priestly Celibacy Is NOT Optional”

Pope Francis affirmed the value of the priestly vow of celibacy, calling it a "gift to the Church" and decidedly "not optional."

ISIS Bombing of Philippines Cathedral During Mass Leaves 20 Confirmed Dead

ISIS is claiming the double bombing of a cathedral in the Philippines during Sunday Mass that left 20 confirmed casualties and over 100 injured.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby: “I Don’t Care If Anglicans Convert...

"I don’t really care whether it’s the Church of England," said Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby about Anglicans converting to Catholicism.

Pope Francis to Parents: Its Okay to Fight, but “Never in...

Pope Francis gave parents a word of advice to help them transmit the faith: its okay to fight, but never in front of your children.

Knights of Columbus Donate 1,000th Ultrasound in Pro-Life Initiative to Save...

The Knights of Columbus have crossed donated the 1000th machine to US pregnancy care centers in their "ultra sound initiative" to save unborn lives.

Click to Pray: Now You Can Pray with Pope Francis on...

Now you can pray with Pope Francis on the "Click to Pray" app, after the Holy Father announced he created his profile on the Vatican's official prayer app.

Swiss Guard Sport New 3-D Printed Plastic Helmets on Their 513th...

The oldest standing army is getting an update on their 513th anniversary, replacing heavy metal helmets for new lightweight 3-D printed plastic headgear.

Notre Dame Plans to Cover up “Demeaning” Murals of Christopher Columbus

Notre Dame announced plans to cover up murals depicting Christopher Columbus in the New World, calling the paintings "marginalizing" and "demeaning."

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