Watch: “Progressive” Parishioners Protest Mass over Change by New “Traditional” Priest

At a parish known for promoting "progressive" ideas, parishioners protested during Mass over their new priest's attempt to restore orthodoxy and tradition.

Father William O’Malley of ‘The Exorcist’ Film Fame Accused of Abuse

Real-life priest William O'Malley, who portrayed Father Dyer in the 1973 classic horror film The Exorcist, has been accused of abuse.

Trump’s New Tariff on China Taxes Rosaries and Scapulars, but Not...

President Trump's new 300 billion dollar tariff on trade with China provides an exception for bibles, but taxes rosaries and material items of devotion.

Cardinal Pell’s Abuse Appeal Verdict Will Be Livestreamed August 21st

The verdict will be handed down in the appeal of Cardinal George Pell's abuse conviction during a livestream on August 21st at 9:30a.m.

Pope Francis Appoints a New Vice-Spokesman for the Vatican

Pope Francis has appointed a new vice-spokesman for the Vatican, Cristiane Murray, after recently appointing new spokesman Matteo Bruni.

Wisconsin Bill Would Force Priests to Break Seal of Confession

A Wisconsin state bill would remove the reporting exemption for Catholic priests, forcing them to break the seal of confession.

Judges Considering “Last-Minute Questions” Before Giving Verdict in Cardinal Pell Abuse...

"Last-minute questions" are being considered before the verdict is handed down in the appeal of Cardinal George Pell's abuse conviction.

Only 1/3 of US Catholics Believe Eucharist Is Real Body and...

A new Pew Research Center survey says nearly 2/3's of US Catholics believe the Eucharist is merely symbolic, not the real Body and Blood of Christ.

Bones of Missing Girl Not Found in Investigation at Vatican Cemetery

The bones of a girl who went missing in Rome were not found after opening two ossuaries, ending the investigation at the Vatican Teutonic...

Cause for G. K. Chesterton’s Sainthood Will Not Be Opened

The cause for canonization of the "prince of paradox" will not be opened, says Bishop Doyle of the late Catholic polymath's home diocese in Northampton.

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