Pope Francis Visits Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI to Wish Him Happy...

In a visit with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Pope Francis wished the retired the retired pontiff happy 92nd birthday with "particular affection."

Aftermath of the Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire: “Main Structure Saved” from Total...

After the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral went up in flames, firefighters have "saved and preserved" the two towers and main structure.

Pope Francis: “Don’t Be Slaves to Your Phones”

Speaking on the addictive nature of technology, Pope Francis warned "don't be slaves to your mobile phones."

Read: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Pens Essay Addressing Abuse Crisis in...

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI penned an essay addressing abuse within the Church, tracing its origin and suggesting solutions for the crisis.

Pope Francis Sets Nine-Year Old Cancer Patient on Path to Sainthood

Pope Francis recognized the "heroic virtues" of now Servant of God Nelson Santana, a nine year old cancer patient now on the path to sainthood.

Catholic University of America Students Vote to Ban Porn on Campus

The student government of the Catholic University of America voted in favor of asking administration to block pornographic websites on campus internet.

Painting of Jesus by Leonardo Da Vinci That Sold for $450...

The savior of the world is missing: a painting of Jesus Christ by Leonardo da Vinci, the Salvator Mundi, disappeared after selling for $450 million in 2017.

Pope Francis: Homosexual Tendencies “Are Not a Sin”

Pope Francis said homosexual tendencies are "not a sin," and parents who see signs of "strange things" in their children should consult a professional.

Hagia Sophia to Become a Mosque Says Turkey’s President

Currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site and museum, Turkey's president has vowed to make the Hagia Sophia a mosque.

Pope Francis: Confession Needs to Be Restored “to the Place It...

Pope Francis called for the Sacrament of Confession to be restored "to the place it deserves," elevated in Catholic life and ministry.

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