Oldest Marian Shrine in the US Declared a National Shrine by...

Nearly 500 years old, the shrine of Our Lady of La Leche is the oldest Marian shrine in the US: now it's a national shrine, elevated by the USCCB.

Vatican: Fertility Figure at Amazon Synod Indigenous Ceremony Not Virgin Mary

A Vatican spokesman said the carved wooden figure seen at various Amazon synod events is not the Virgin Mary, but an "indigenous woman who represents life."

Pope Francis Appoints New Chief of Vatican Police After Former Head...

Pope Francis appointed a new head of Vatican Police, after former head Domenico Giani resigned over a leaked memo he had "no personal responsibility" in.

Vatican Police Head Resigns After Memo Leaks on Raid of Secretariat...

Vatican Police Head Domenico Giani resigned after a memo leaked on officials suspended in connection with office raids over "financial transactions."

Could the Parents of John Paul II Become Saints? Polish Bishops...

The Polish Bishop's Conference agreed to begin the canonization process for the parents of Pope Saint John Paul II: Karol and Emilia Wojtyła.

Byzantine Catholic Women’s Community in Ohio Established as an Eparchial Monastery

A Ruthenian Catholic women's community, Christ the Bridegroom Monastery in Ohio was canonically established as an eparchial monastery sui iuris.

Father James Martin Talks to Pope Francis About LGBT Issues in...

In a private meeting at the Vatican, Jesuit Father James Martin met with Pope Francis and discussed the issues of LGBT Catholics.

Victim’s Brother Forgives and Hugs Amber Guyger in Court, Says “Give...

Brandt Jean, the brother of Botham Jean murdered by Amber Guyger, exemplified the Christian virtue of forgiveness in an emotional courtroom statement.

5 Vatican Officials Suspended After Raid on Offices over “Financial Transactions”

5 Vatican officials were suspended after police raided offices of the Secretariat of State investigating complaints regarding financial transactions.

Watch: Pope Francis’ October Prayer Intention for a Missionary “Spring” in...

In honor of the Extraordinary Missionary Month of October, Pope Francis released his prayer intention calling for a missionary "spring" in the Church.

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