What Blessedness Actually Means

We start as sinners, and Jesus makes us saints. We start inordinately attached to ourselves and to this world, and Jesus frees us from...

Questions of the heart

In this Gospel passage we see the Lord moved with compassion and how he heals a man who has been blind all his life....

The Qualifications Needed To Receive God’s Mercy

A Lenten Reflection by Linda Padgett of Catholic Family and Marriage, Inc for April 7, 2019.

Today, Even Now, You Are Being Called

I love how the first reading begins today: "Even now, says the LORD, return to me with your whole heart." It's those first two...

Deny, Take Up, And Follow

A Lenten Reflection by Fr. Michael Denk of Prodigal Father for March 7, 2019.

You Have But One Father In Heaven

A Lenten Reflection by Fr. Michael Denk of The Prodigal Father for February 27, 2018.

Christ Came To Stir the Waters

Today’s Gospel offers a strange and enchanting story, one that reads almost like a fairy tale. It begins with a man laying near a...

The Miracle And The Reality Of The Christian Life

A Lenten Reflection by Leah Murphy of Life Teen for February 28, 2018.

Retiring as a Goat?

There is a wonderful statement which says, “do something today your future self will thank you for.” Our readings today change the egocentric focus...

But now, we can be free

NOVUM is a worship band from Sugar Land, TX.  Latin for the word "new", NOVUM is inspired by the New Evangelization, and their mission...

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