Allowing The Truth To Stand On Its Own

A Lenten Reflection by Catholic speaker Nicole Abisinio for April 6, 2019.

This Holy Week, Death Is On Everyone’s Mind

In every town Jesus travels through he encounters sinners and the sick. Bethany is no exception. Simon the Leper lives in Bethany. Mary the...

All God Really Wants Is Us

There have been countless moments in my life when I have looked up from my slow crawl to holiness and realized I have actually...

God’s Plan Of Salvation Fulfilled

A Holy Saturday Reflection by Brenton Cordeiro, a seminarian with the Companions of the Cross, for April 20, 2019.

What to do when we don’t know how to pray

It’s almost ironic that Jesus would begin his teaching on prayer in today’s Gospel by instructing us to not “babble like the pagans,” and...

Ponder His Words In Quiet

The readings for today continue the inexorable journey of Our Lord to the Passion and pose for each of us a hard question: Who...

You Have But One Father In Heaven

A Lenten Reflection by Fr. Michael Denk of The Prodigal Father for February 27, 2018.

What Will You Choose?

A Lenten Reflection by singer/songwriter Marie Miller for April 10, 2019.

The Key To Understanding The Mystery Of The Human Person

Today's Scripture reading is the key to understanding the mystery of the entire cosmos and the mystery of the human person. That may seem...

Praise. Worship. Trust.

A Lenten Reflection by Tom Perna, Director of Family Catechesis at Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Gilbert, Arizona, for March 28, 2019.

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