Did You Know? There Are Patriarchs in the Western Church

A title typically seen for the heads of the Eastern Catholic Churches, did you know there are patriarchs in the Western Church other than the Pope?

When Washington, D.C. Had an Angelus Prayer Siren That Went off...

A nation in the midst of the Great War, the people of the United States turned to prayer for victory, erecting an Angelus Prayer Siren in Washington, D.C.

Did You Know? The Real Catholic Saint from Narnia That Inspired...

The epic C.S. Lewis series of fantasy novels was inspired by a real Catholic saint, famed mystic and stigmatic Saint Lucy of Narnia.

Catholic Questions: How Much Can Holy Water Be Diluted?

Quirky Catholic Questions: How Much Can Holy Water Be Diluted?

Children of Saint Peter: The Story of Rome’s Famous Cobblestone Roads

An iconic sight of Rome: the sampietrini cobblestone roads. The unique pavement began in the 16th century when the Pope was nearly thrown from his carriage.

What Have Popes Said About the Big Bang Theory?

In 1927, Father Georges Lemaître first proposed the idea of an expanding universe starting with a "big bang," since accepted by many popes.

Don’t Be Mr. Burns: A Homily for the 18th Sunday in...

Be not like Mr. Burns who wished he spent more time in the office as he stared death in the face, be like Mary who gave all she had in this life to God so that others may have eternal life.

Jesuit Leader Says Satan Is “Not a Person,” Only a “Symbolic...

Father Arturo Sosa, superior general of the Society of Jesus, said Satan is "not a person" but only a "symbolic reality."

After Saint Teresa of Avila Died, 10 Days Were Lost to...

When Saint Teresa of Avila died on October 4th, 1582, Catholics everywhere went to bed that night and woke up 10 days later.

The History Behind 1 of Only 3 Perfect Gutenberg Bibles in...

Housed in the Library of Congress is 1 of only 3 perfect, vellum copies of the Gutenberg Bible, the first ever printed book.

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