The So-Called “Jesus Wife” Papyrus Shown To Be Forgery

Despite recent claims of ancient origin, document matched to known forgery, shown to be in dialect and style incompatible with supposed origin date.

Catholic Star Wars Fans: Luke Skywalker’s Island Used To Be A...

The island where Rey find Luke (and will undergo her training in The Last Jedi) is a real place that used to be a Catholic monastery

Attending My First Latin Mass

Brian Holdsworth talks about his experience of attending his first Latin Mass.

Pope Francis Reveals Real Reason He Fell During Mass

During Mass at the Jasna Gora Monastery in the southern city of Czestochowa Pope Francis stumbled at the altar and had to be helped to his...

The Amazing Cave Churches of Cappadocia In Turkey

Some say the most impressive churches are built tall with high ceilings, vast arches, and soaring spires. However, impressive churches can be found in the unlikeliest of places. The ancient churches of Cappadocia region of Turkey are literally built into the rock.

Bill Murray On 18th Century Saints, Pope John XXIII, & The...

In a recent interview with The Guardian promoting his new film Saint Vincent, Bill Murray shared his thoughts on recent canonizations, Latin Mass, and sacred music
Pope Francis Pro Life Quotes

12 Pro-Life Quotes From Pope Francis

A collection of 12 quotes from Pope Francis on the dignity of all life and against the horror of abortion

The Miraculous True Story of Saint Michael Saving a U.S. Marine...

Separated from his unit during the Korean war and caught face to face with seven enemy soldiers, guns drawn ready to fire: this is the story of the US Marine miraculously saved by Saint Michael the Archangel

Benedict XVI: “There Is Only One Pope, and His Name Is...

In a soon to be released interview, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said that "there is only one pope, and his name is Francis."

The 7 Last Words of Christ

One meditation that I have found to help draw me deeper into contemplating the Passion is the tradition of studying the 7 Last Words of Christ. More than words, these are the last phrases that Christ spoke as He was dying on the Cross.

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