For Christmas, Pope Francis Opens Free Medical Clinic for the Poor...

In the spirit of Christmas giving, Pope Francis opened a new medical center in Saint Peter's Square for pilgrims and the poor who find themselves in need of care.

Only 1/3 of US Catholics Believe Eucharist Is Real Body and...

A new Pew Research Center survey says nearly 2/3's of US Catholics believe the Eucharist is merely symbolic, not the real Body and Blood of Christ.

The Holy Lance: A Lesser Known Relic of Jesus Christ

The Holy Lance is a lesser known relic of Jesus Christ every Catholic should be familiar with, used to pierce His side while on the Cross by Saint Longinus.

Saint Gabriel Possenti, the Potential Patron of Handguns?

A 22 year Passionist monk defended his city from bandits with his marksmanship without harming a single person, could he be the patron of handguns?

What Pope Paul VI Said to the First Men on the...

50 years ago, one giant leap for mankind was made, and the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission went to the moon. Here's what Pope Paul VI said to them.

Children of Saint Peter: The Story of Rome’s Famous Cobblestone Roads

An iconic sight of Rome: the sampietrini cobblestone roads. The unique pavement began in the 16th century when the Pope was nearly thrown from his carriage.

Pictures: This Last Supper Painting Has Bread, Wine, and a Guinea...

Any painting of the Last Supper includes the classic bread and wine, but only this image features the twist of Jesus and the Apostles dining on guinea pig.

Why Is Saint Valentine the Patron Saint of Love?

On feast day, the 14th of February, we celebrate with signs of affection towards our loved ones. Why is Saint Valentine the patron saint of love?

Did You Know? The Real Catholic Saint from Narnia That Inspired...

The epic C.S. Lewis series of fantasy novels was inspired by a real Catholic saint, famed mystic and stigmatic Saint Lucy of Narnia.

Don’t Be Mr. Burns: A Homily for the 18th Sunday in...

Be not like Mr. Burns who wished he spent more time in the office as he stared death in the face, be like Mary who gave all she had in this life to God so that others may have eternal life.

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