C.S. Lewis

Fr. Barron comments on C.S. Lewis

Fr. Barron comments on C.S. Lewis

This Tiny One-Room Catholic Chapel Could Prevent Proposed “Border Wall”

Just a few hundred feet from the Rio Grande River, one tiny adobe Catholic Chapel stands in the way of the construction of the proposed "border wall."

When Martin Luther Criticized the Radical Heresies of Protestantism

Less than a decade after publishing his infamous 95 Theses, Martin Luther wrote a letter criticizing the radical heresies and sectarianism of Protestantism.

Pope Francis to Abusers: “Turn Yourselves in” and “Prepare for Divine...

In his strongest statement on the sex abuse scandal yet, Pope Francis directly addressed abusers within the clergy, telling them to turn themselves in and face justice.

Supporting Motherhood In The Poorest Areas

Many mothers or soon-to-be-mothers around the world have little to no access to proper medical care, nutrition, birthing centers, and post-natal care.

The Church Is Not Just “Pro-Birth”, It Is Pro-Life

Many opponents of the Church's teachings on abortion argue that we only care about a child being born, but not what happens to that child afterward.

Thousands of Babies Each Year Are Too Poor for a Proper...

Thousands of babies each year die too poor for a proper burial, but you can help with a charitable contribution to Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies.

Would You Call Yourself A “Slacktivist For Life”?

Slacktivist is a new term going around these days, have you heard of it? A slacktivist is someone who readily hits the “like”, “tweet”,...

Catholic Soldier to Be Posthumously Awarded Medal of Honor

Staff Sergeant Travis W. Atkins will be posthumously awarded the medal the honor, killed tackling a suicide bomber in Al Yusufiyah, Iraq on June 1st, 2007.

Did You Know? Our Lady of Fatima is Represented at the...

On inauguration night, Father Andrew Mahana exorcised the White House and presented a statue of Lady of Fatima kept there today.

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