Pope Prays At Cemetery for Aborted Children

On his Apostolic Trip to South Korea, The Holy Father Pope Francis made one of his most poignant and direct pro-life gestures by making a solemn visit to a memorial cemetery for aborted children.

Pope Addresses South Korean Leaders In English

Pope Francis’ first major address during his Apostolic Voyage – to Korea’s political and civil leaders – was also one of his first speeches in English.

Robin Williams’s Life of Comedy Ends in Tragedy

The actor's suicide reminds us of the infinite value of each human life.

The Identical: Reviving Values in Hollywood

A review of the upcoming movie "The Identical" (September 5) The story of a pastor's son who feels a call to sing, not preach, who learns a shocking secret about his life that explains his past and shapes his future, a drama set against the backdrop of rock-'n'-roll's 1950-1970's heyday.
Plaque of Guido Monaco, Arezzo

The Catholic Origins of Do-Re-Mi

Anybody who has taken piano lessons (like my wife who inspired this article), was lucky enough to have went to a school that had...

Made for Love: The Purpose of Mankind’s Creation

Through a sincere devotion to God, man can fully know how to love, as he ought. It was God who designed mankind to share His love well. It is the crux of the human experience, Reason for Existence: to know, love, and to be known, and to be loved in return.

How To Make An Awesome Confession

Fr. Josh Miller gives 3 practical tips to making your next Confession even better

Christians Forced By Islamists To Flee Under Threat Of Conversion Or...

The Islamic group ISIS has forced the last members of an 1,800 year old Christian community out of the the Iraqi city of Mosul under threat of conversion or death.

The Best Papal World Cup Memes

The match between Argentina and Germany in the World Cup Finals has the internet buzzing with Memes about the Pope and the Pope Emeritus' national allegiances

Speculation About Pope Francis’ Health Amid Cancellation Of Activities

Recent speculation about the health of Pope Francis is receiving even more fuel amid the announcement by the official Vatican News service that the pontiff will dramatically curtail his activities for the next month. After being in seemingly constant motion since taking the Chair of St. Peter, the 77-year Pontiff has been noticeably fatigued following a particularly grueling stretch that included his trip the Middle East.

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