The Orans Posture: How You Should You Hold Your Hands During...

Should the lay faithful join the priest in the orans posture, hands up and outstretched with elbows at sides, during the prayer of the Our Father?

Christmas Octave: Light, Obedience and Convenience

As we drive in the darkness of night this season, we often see light in the form of festive Christmas decorations that adorn homes and buildings of all kinds.

These Are the Oldest Surviving Images of the Virgin Mary

How did early Catholic tradition depict Our Lady? These are the five oldest surviving images of the Blessed Virgin Mary from throughout history.

The Secret To Sparking A Catholic Renewal

By: Caitlin Bootsma The scandals hit this summer. Again. “What can the Church do to fix this?”, we thought. We, along with the rest of the...

Giving Thanks Before Making Resolutions

Each year when Christmas ends, we seem to move almost immediately to making resolutions for the New Year. Is 2015 the year in which we will become thinner, more respected in our fields and more financially stable? While none of these things are negative in and of themselves, it seems that we have passed over the spirit of reflection and gratitude that should naturally occur at the end of each year. After all, God just came to earth as a little child on Christmas; surely we can recognize the many gifts that He has blessed us with! While the results might seem less tangible than losing a few pounds or gaining a few dollars, along with offering glory to God who gives us all of life’s blessings, there are clear psychological benefits that come from expressing gratitude.

Does Censorship Stop Hatred?

Freedom is the Solution to Hate, Not Censorship, Truth is the Solution to Hate, Censorship does not Prevent Hate

12 Quotes From Pope Francis’ Exclusive Interview

A list of 12 selected quoted from Pope Francis' recent exclusive interview with La Civiltà Cattolica

Are These The Actual Footprints of Jesus Christ?

The most well known of relics of Jesus include the Shroud of Turin, the True Cross, and the Holy Robe. However, one obscure and little-known relic you might not have heard of is purported to have the actual footprints of Jesus.

Would You Call Yourself A “Slacktivist For Life”?

Slacktivist is a new term going around these days, have you heard of it? A slacktivist is someone who readily hits the “like”, “tweet”,...

Supporting Motherhood In The Poorest Areas

Many mothers or soon-to-be-mothers around the world have little to no access to proper medical care, nutrition, birthing centers, and post-natal care.

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