5 Signs You Attend A Healthy Parish

What can you do to help improve your parish’s overall health?

Fumie: When Catholics Were Persecuted in Japan by Forcing Them to...

When the Faith was outlawed in 1629, Japanese government officials would make suspected Catholics step on fumie: pictures of Jesus or Mary.

Our Bishops Invite YOU to Make a Digital Pilgrimage: 9 Days...

This year, your bishops are asking you to dedicate yourself to a particular pilgrimage, praying for the protection of all life over a 9-day novena.

Apologists, Catechists, Theologians: WAKE UP!

Young people are leaving the Church and Religion and largely because for the past fifty years or so, Christian thinkers have largely abandoned the art of apologetics.

The #1 Way To Stop Comparing Yourself

It’s a unique moment in history. Social media allows us to consume others as content in their most perfect states. We see our peers and those we admire on sunny beaches, the best parties, always smiling while we sit in our pajamas with bad hair wondering where we went wrong.

How Much Is the Pope Paid for Being the Pope?

What does the leader of one of the largest organizations on Earth and shepherd to a flock of over one billion faithful make in a year? It might surprise you to learn the salary that comes with the responsibility of being the Supreme Pontiff.

3 Advantages To Learning Online How To Teach The Faith

So, you teach the faith (whether that be in a school, parish or ministry) and you want to delve deeper into catechetics in order...

Secret Underground Knights Templar Chapel Discovered In Rabbit Hole

When you think of the rolling English countryside, an ancient underground cave hiding a Knights Templar complex is probably not what first comes to mind.

Bill Gates’ And Family Goes To A Catholic Church: ‘It Makes...

In a recent interview, Bill Gates talks about attending a Catholic Church with his family and why 'It Makes Sense to Believe in God'

5 Interesting Facts About Pope Francis on His 5th Anniversary

The world has gotten to know Pope Francis as a modest man with a kind, lighthearted nature and a humble approach to the papacy. However, there is more to to him than meets the eye - here are five interesting facts about Pope Francis you probably didn't know!

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