Pope Francis Announces 20 New Cardinals

Pope Francis read out the names of 20 bishops and archbishops who will be raised to the dignity of the cardinalate at the upcoming Consistory on February 14th.

George Pell: To Kill a Cardinal?

Has Melbourne become Maycomb? Only the Court of Appeal, Pell’s last avenue in the justice system, can tell.

Saginaw Bishop Removes Priest For Attempting To Restore Tradition At His...

A priest is facing consequences for attempting to restore some tradition to the liturgy at a dying and aging parish.

Young Catholic Women Want Better Representation… Of Men

As a priest, I hear young women lament about a lack of representation, but not about themselves... They lament that young men are not represented enough.

Creator Of Nutella Says Secret Ingredient Of Success Was the Virgin...

It might surprise you to learn that founder and inventor of Nutella credits all of his success to Our Lady of Lourdes.

Is Your Marriage As Good As It Could Be? Find Out...

Whether you’ve been married two months or 30 years, you may still be missing out. The truth is that marriage is more than a...

Are You A Bad Catholic If You Smoke, Drink, And Swear?

Are you a bad Catholic if you smoke, drink, swear, and use drugs? What about the Popes & Saints who smoked? What about the Saint who was a life-long drug addict? What about when Saint Paul says the word Sh*t in the Bible?

Was The Only English Pope An Ancestor Of Shakespeare?

Was the only English Pope, Nicholas Breakspear known as Adrian IV, an ancestor of William Shakespeare?

The History Of The Hail Mary Play In Football

It's one of the most well known terms and iconic plays in sports. But how did a last second desperation play become known as a "Hail Mary"?

“Cosmos”, Giordano Bruno, And The Same Tired Myth

Father Robert Barron's newest article on "Cosmos" produced, Giordano Bruno, and the tired, mythical conflict between science and faith

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