The UN Shows Its Obliviousness

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of Children issued a sixteen page, 67-paragraph report on the Holy See on January 31, 2014. It exposes the utter obliviousness of the UN to the distinction between the Catholic religion and the sovereign independent nation of Vatican City. Likewise, it exposes the real agenda at the UN to deify political correctness and to usurp authority to make itself the supreme arbiter of human activity.

Meditations on Pope Francis’ Remarks

When Pope Francis said in his recent interview that Catholics should not focus so much on abortion, homosexuality, and birth control, many Catholics were...
Catholic Superman Review

Review: “Man of Steel” Critics Miss the Might (Spoilers)

by Rev. Edwin C. Dwyer I’m rather surprised so many people disliked “Man of Steel” so much. It was as if they were shocked it...

Why Is A New York Times Best-Selling Author Sending A Book...

Pat Lencioni, a well-known business leader, is doing something unconventional. He is sending out 17,000 copies of his new book — one for every pastor he can find an address for.

Ask A Priest: When You Insult People on Social Media

Editor's Note: Ask A Priest is a regular feature on To discover the answer to more questions or to ask your own, visit...

Holy League: Sacred Without the Sappy

The Holy League is a new network of parish-based fraternities of men dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament and returning to the state of grace.

Did Mary Have a Midwife at the Birth of Jesus?

Midwifery is an ancient profession, considered invaluable since antiquity. Did Mary have a midwife present at the birth of Jesus?

A Plea For Peace CAN Work

By Shane Paul O’Doherty I was invited to share a portion of my story in the recently-released documentary, John Paul II in Ireland: A Plea for...

Celebrating Earth Day With God

Celebrating Earth Day without keeping the Creator of all things top of mind, makes Earth Day incomplete. It is because all things were created by God as a gift that they are filled with ultimate meaning and value.

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