Candlemas Is This Monday: Here’s Why You Need To Celebrate

This Monday, February 2nd, we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation, also known as Candlemas. Until a couple of years ago, I thought by this point the Christmas season was long over. However, it is on this day that the Vatican packs up its gorgeous life-size Nativity scene to put it in storage until next year. While my small sons are sad to see the sheep, cows, and small Baby Jesus go, we also mark this Feast by saying goodbye to our crèche.

Anglicans Consecrate First Woman Bishop; Here’s Why The Catholic Church WON’T...

The Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful.

Pope Francis Reportedly Grants Private Audience To Transgendered Man

According to reports, Pope Francis granted a private audience with a transgendered man and his fiancee
Pope Francis Pro Life Quotes

12 Pro-Life Quotes From Pope Francis

A collection of 12 quotes from Pope Francis on the dignity of all life and against the horror of abortion

Pope Francis: Catholics Do Not Need To Breed ‘Like Rabbits’

When a journalist asked Pope Francis about birth control during an impromptu press conference on the papal plane, Pope Francis said contraception isn't the answer, but rather 'responsible parenthood.' He explained it with graphic words.

To Be a God-Made-Man: To Be Overcome by Perfect Love

We must then be overcome by His love being reborn as His beloved disciple allowing God’s transcendent love to conquer us. Taking our faith into the homes of our own heart, and spreading the fire of His love to wherever we may go, allowing God to conquer our dustiness in order to be rebuilt into something holy and unblemished in His sight all the days of our lives; to be more precious than gold, or finer than silver. To become a person set wholly holily set apart for the Lord, overcome by His perfect love.
Bishops against Abortion

Beginning Tomorrow, The Bishops Are Asking All Catholics To Start Doing...

The Bishops of the Catholic Church ask that all Catholics join them starting January 17

The Bishop’s Conference is Asking ALL Catholics Do This One Thing…

The Bishops of the Catholic Church ask that all Catholics join them starting January 16 to do this...

Prayer Advice: Ten Important Tips to Grow

Take advantage of these ten tips for how to establish in our lives a strong, dynamic and blossoming prayer life, keenly aware that our salvation and the salvation of many other souls depends on it!

Pope Francis Announces 20 New Cardinals

Pope Francis read out the names of 20 bishops and archbishops who will be raised to the dignity of the cardinalate at the upcoming Consistory on February 14th.

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