The Pope and the Pendulum: The First Mechanical Clock Was a...

From sundials to the hourglass, no way of telling time was accurate until the first mechanical clock - a medieval Catholic invention by Pope Sylvester II.

Did Mary Have a Midwife at the Birth of Jesus?

Midwifery is an ancient profession, considered invaluable since antiquity. Did Mary have a midwife present at the birth of Jesus?

This Is How Some Catholics Are Practicing The Gift Of Healing...

In the Gospel, Christ heals again and again. He heals lepers, makes lame men walk and blind men see. Yet, we know that the...

My Vocation Is Love [Trailer]

A mini-series about discovering God's plan for our lives. Please help SHARE this with your friends, youth groups, and church communities! For more resources like...

This Doctor Just Said Something Very Important About Pornography In A...

It's an uncomfortable truth that many in modern society do not want to admit or address. But it is a fact. One the gravest...

Bishop Barron’s New Book Is A Razor To The Devil’s Masterpiece

Bishop Barron latest book "Letter to a Suffering Church: A Bishop Speaks on the Sexual Abuse Crisis" addressing sexual abuse in the Church and offers a path forward.

Can I Pray When I Am Angry with God?

In certain situations, one is angry with God because one’s cross seems overwhelming. Can you pray to God when you are mad at him?

Pope Francis Sets Nine-Year Old Cancer Patient on Path to Sainthood

Pope Francis recognized the "heroic virtues" of now Servant of God Nelson Santana, a nine year old cancer patient now on the path to sainthood.

The Identical: Reviving Values in Hollywood

A review of the upcoming movie "The Identical" (September 5) The story of a pastor's son who feels a call to sing, not preach, who learns a shocking secret about his life that explains his past and shapes his future, a drama set against the backdrop of rock-'n'-roll's 1950-1970's heyday.

Did You Know? Catholic Blessings for Cheese, Car, Fire, and Many...

The Roman Ritual includes "blessings of things designated for ordinary use" like cheese, cars, fire, beer, bread, medicine, oil - even mountaineering tools.

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