[Video] Pope Discusses Military Intervention In Iraq

Aboard the papal plane from Seoul to Rome, Pope Francis spoke about the need for the international community to "stop" the Islamic State.

One Widow Shows Us The Key Ingredients To A Meaningful Life

You remember the Widow in the Gospel--the woman who put her last two coins in the collection box? She is the archetype of generosity,...

Apologists, Catechists, Theologians: WAKE UP!

Young people are leaving the Church and Religion and largely because for the past fifty years or so, Christian thinkers have largely abandoned the art of apologetics.

Read: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Pens Essay Addressing Abuse Crisis in...

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI penned an essay addressing abuse within the Church, tracing its origin and suggesting solutions for the crisis.

Did You Know? Catholic Blessings for Cheese, Car, Fire, and Many...

The Roman Ritual includes "blessings of things designated for ordinary use" like cheese, cars, fire, beer, bread, medicine, oil - even mountaineering tools.

There Are 10,080 Minutes In A Week…Here Are The Most Important...

Have you ever tracked the time you spend every day? Every week? Most people who go through this kind of exercise are surprised that...

Pope Prays At Cemetery for Aborted Children

On his Apostolic Trip to South Korea, The Holy Father Pope Francis made one of his most poignant and direct pro-life gestures by making a solemn visit to a memorial cemetery for aborted children.

When To Seek Advice And When To Seek Therapy

Response: William McKenna, M.S.; Clinical Psychology Extern at Catholic Charities Q: I have been struggling with some difficult choices lately and was wondering whether I...

“The Cana Mystery” Giveaway

Thanks to Tuscany Press, uCatholic is giving away 10 copies of "The Cana Mystery" by David Beckett!

Thoughts and Prayers?

By Caitlin Marchand "Thoughts and prayers."  Sadly it has been a year full of tragedies to which we respond with thoughts and prayers.  In fact,...

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