Francis: The Saint and the Pope

A look at the person and place of St. Francis of Assisi, the inspiration for the name of Pope Francis.

The So-Called “Jesus Wife” Papyrus Shown To Be Forgery

Despite recent claims of ancient origin, document matched to known forgery, shown to be in dialect and style incompatible with supposed origin date.

“Get Clean”: A Powerful Video About The Sacrament of Confession

Similar to how the fall of one domino causes the others to also fall, everything we do in our life has an effect to our soul and the souls of those around us.

Where Is “Santa Claus” Buried?

Known to children as the man who brings him presents every Christmas night, The real Saint Nicholas is renowned for his legendary habit of secret gift giving. After his death, many have claimed to have relics of Saint Nicholas' bones. Where is he really buried?

Do All Catholics Have The Ability To Heal The Sick?

Throughout scripture, there are many stories of the miraculous healings performed by Christ, the Apostles, and other figures. These passages highlight the compassion, love, and care God has for all his children, both spiritually and physically.

Robin Williams’s Life of Comedy Ends in Tragedy

The actor's suicide reminds us of the infinite value of each human life.

Pope Addresses South Korean Leaders In English

Pope Francis’ first major address during his Apostolic Voyage – to Korea’s political and civil leaders – was also one of his first speeches in English.

This Is How Some Catholics Are Practicing The Gift Of Healing...

In the Gospel, Christ heals again and again. He heals lepers, makes lame men walk and blind men see. Yet, we know that the...

3 Advantages To Learning Online How To Teach The Faith

So, you teach the faith (whether that be in a school, parish or ministry) and you want to delve deeper into catechetics in order...

How the Mayo Clinic Was Founded After a Vision by a...

If not for a miraculous vision by a Catholic sister, the legendary Drs. Mayo may have never founded their clinic that would grow to serve over a million year and garner a reputation as the best hospital in the world.

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