Vaccines: An Obligation Or A Sin?

What does the Pontifical Academy for Life say when it comes to Catholics having their children vaccinated?

Five Steps to a Good Morning

Doing These 5 things from Saint Francis de Sales' morning exercises will help you have a good morning

Beginning of Holiness

According to Blessed Mother Teresa, PRAYER leads to ONENESS WITH GOD which leads to HOLINESS.

Can Catholics Fall Deeper in Love Online?

When online dating emerged on the scene, people doubted whether it could be successful. Now, its an integral part of the path to marriage for many people, including a number of Catholics. Thanks to apostolates like, couples can not only meet online, they also can prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage.

How the Mayo Clinic Was Founded After a Vision by a...

If not for a miraculous vision by a Catholic sister, the legendary Drs. Mayo may have never founded their clinic that would grow to serve over a million year and garner a reputation as the best hospital in the world.

These Catholic Priests Are Allowed to Be Married

The vow of clerical celibacy is one of the most well-known aspects of the priesthood. However, most people haven't heard of these little-known Catholic priests that are allowed to married.

The 12 Apostles: The Meaning Behind Their Names, How They Died,...

Following Christ's Ascension, the twelve apostles followed the Great Commission and became the primary teachers of the Gospel. But have you ever wondered what exactly happened to them? Here's the meaning behind each of the Twelve Apostles names, how they died, and where their remains can be found today.

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