Why Marriage Is The New Hipster Trend

You remember hipsters. Those people who supposedly didn’t care if they were cool, purposefully out of touch with popular culture. Depending on the year,...

2013 uCatholic Person Of The Year: The Humble Pope

The uCatholic 2013 Person of the Year is the Pope, who through his actions, has given an great and absolutely remarkable example of Christian humility.

The Oldest Known Video Footage Of A Pope

This is the oldest known footage of a Pope in existence. This film of Pope Leo XIII was created in 1896.

What Your Spouse Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

When you ask your husband or wife what they want for Valentine’s Day, they might tell you that they want a new Smartphone, to...

Apologists, Catechists, Theologians: WAKE UP!

Young people are leaving the Church and Religion and largely because for the past fifty years or so, Christian thinkers have largely abandoned the art of apologetics.

Hitler’s Secret Plan To Kidnap Pope Pius XII

During World War II, after the Allied forces invaded Italy, Adolf Hitler plotted a secret plan to kidnap Venerable Pope Pius XII.

If You’re The Spouse Of A Porn User, There Are Three...

If you’ve discovered that your spouse is viewing pornography, you could be experiencing a whole host of reactions. Perhaps you are mad, you feel...

Why Bother with Catholic Therapy?

I’m not sure how a therapist with a Catholic-Christian worldview would operate differently from a secular therapist. Can you help me understand the difference?

Is Your Marriage As Good As It Could Be? Find Out...

Whether you’ve been married two months or 30 years, you may still be missing out. The truth is that marriage is more than a...

Catholic Star Wars Fans: Luke Skywalker’s Island Used To Be A...

The island where Rey find Luke (and will undergo her training in The Last Jedi) is a real place that used to be a Catholic monastery

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