The “Prayer for Leading a Holy Life” by Aquinas Every Catholic...

In an increasingly secular world that eschews the spiritual for the material, how can we lead a holy life? The Angelic Doctor has a prayer just for that.

Archaeologists Confirm Epic Victory Battle Tale of First Crusade

Archaeologists confirmed a victory tale of the First Crusade, when Christians retaking Jerusalem filled in a defensive ditch with stones to retake the city.

Notre-Dame: An Exclusive First Look At Restoration Works

Lead architects give a tour of the rebuilding work and discuss the challenges they face in restoring the Parisian cathedral following April's devastating fire

What Have Popes Said About the Big Bang Theory?

In 1927, Father Georges Lemaître first proposed the idea of an expanding universe starting with a "big bang," since accepted by many popes.

Children of Saint Peter: The Story of Rome’s Famous Cobblestone Roads

An iconic sight of Rome: the sampietrini cobblestone roads. The unique pavement began in the 16th century when the Pope was nearly thrown from his carriage.

The Holy Lance: A Lesser Known Relic of Jesus Christ

The Holy Lance is a lesser known relic of Jesus Christ every Catholic should be familiar with, used to pierce His side while on the Cross by Saint Longinus.

The Holy Sponge: A Lesser Known Relic of Jesus Christ

The Holy Sponge isa lesser known relic associated with Jesus Christ that every Catholic should be familiar with, given to Him to drink from on the Cross.

Were Early Catholics Known by Any Other Name?

A Catholic by any other name would be just as pious: early followers of Jesus were known as of the Sect of the Nazarenes, followers of the Way, and Sheep.

Did You Know? The Oldest Hymn Still Sung Today Is Nearly...

Since Church-time immemorial we have sung "psalms and hymns and spiritual songs," the oldest of which is known as the Phos Hilaron: the lamp-lighting hymn.

Can Mass Be Celebrated in Sign Language?

Is sign language permitted for the Liturgy, and is Mass celebrated in sign language valid if a priest doesn't vocalize the Words of Consecration?

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