What Is the Meaning Behind the Names of Three Archangels?

In the Bible, we see humans rebuffed when asking for the name of an angel. What then do the names of the Archangels God has chosen to reveal to us mean?

This Tiny One-Room Catholic Chapel Could Prevent Proposed “Border Wall”

Just a few hundred feet from the Rio Grande River, one tiny adobe Catholic Chapel stands in the way of the construction of the proposed "border wall."

Why Is Saint Valentine the Patron Saint of Love?

On feast day, the 14th of February, we celebrate with signs of affection towards our loved ones. Why is Saint Valentine the patron saint of love?

“The Miracles of Lourdes Are Inexplicable,” Says Agnostic Scientist Who Won...

Nobel-prize winner and agnostic Dr. Luc Montagnier, discoverer of HIV, weighed in on the miracle healings of Lourdes: "It really is something inexplicable."

This Catholic Priest Was Executed by the Nazis for Telling a...

The Church is full of martyrs that gave witness until death. One of these is Father Joseph Muller, executed for telling a joke criticizing Hitler.

Standing Room Only: Faithful Pack Church for Last Mass of Priest...

Parishioners packed the pews for the last Mass of Father Edwin C. Dwyer, the priest removed for attempting to restore tradition at his parish.

Why Aquinas Didn’t Finish His Summa: The Vision of Heaven That...

What caused Thomas Aquinas to call his life's work, the Summa Theologiae, nothing more than "straw" and leave it unfinished?

Did Pope Pius XII Prophesy Warnings About the “Suicide” of Altering...

In 1933, then Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli made prophetic remarks to his longtime friend about the "suicide" of alterating of the Faith in its liturgy.

Is The Bible Reliable?

The whole affair is an astonishing revelation of how far our society has fallen from any notion of decency and good-will.

Saginaw Bishop Removes Priest For Attempting To Restore Tradition At His...

A priest is facing consequences for attempting to restore some tradition to the liturgy at a dying and aging parish.

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