Christmas Octave: Building A Storehouse Of Heavenly Treasure

In the temple, Mary and Joseph presented turtle doves out of their poverty. Yet, in actuality, they presented a lamb with unprecedented value, brought...

7 Odd Catholic Patron Saints You Probably Don’t Know About

Saints can be venerated as the Heavenly advocate and special intercessor for a wide variety of patronages. Here are seven of the most bizarre and unusual Catholic patron saints that you probably don't know about.

Saint Michael And The Archangels: The Mighty Ones Of God

Angels are spiritual beings who enjoy the vision of God and are fully prepared to execute His will. The Bible only mentions the names of three angels: Saint Gabriel, St Michael, and Saint Raphael.

Who Is “The Papal Ninja”?

Sean Bryan, known as the 'Papal Ninja' puts his athletic prowess and Catholic faith on display for the world to see on the NBC show "American Ninja Warrior"

When Martin Luther Criticized the Radical Heresies of Protestantism

Less than a decade after publishing his infamous 95 Theses, Martin Luther wrote a letter criticizing the radical heresies and sectarianism of Protestantism.

Francis: The Saint and the Pope

A look at the person and place of St. Francis of Assisi, the inspiration for the name of Pope Francis.

White House Credits Pope Francis For Facilitating Cuba Deal

According to White House officials Pope Francis played a instrumental and pivotal role in the historic normalization of relationships recently announced between Cuba and the United States.

Topless FEMEN Protesters Kidnap Baby Jesus From Vatican Nativity Scene

A topless FEMEN protester tried to kidnap Baby Jesus from the manger at St. Peter's Square in Vatican City after the Pope's Christmas message on Thursday. The activist was stopped and arrested in front of shocked believers.

The Notre Dame Steak Sandwich That Has Raised Over 1 Million...

Since 1973, the Notre Dame Knights have delighted Fighting Irish football fans with their iconic pre-game steak sandwich sale, but for the Knights, it’s about a lot more than grilling steaks. To date, they have raised $1.5 million for various charitable causes, including the purchase of life-saving ultrasound machines.

5 Things Fulton Sheen Teaches Us About Social Media

What can we learn about modern social media from an innovator at the beginning of the media age, Ven. Fulton Sheen

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