So, You’re Dead. Now What?

What happens after we die? How we understand the event called death and what follows after it is extremely important for how we live our lives here and now.

The So-Called “Jesus Wife” Papyrus Shown To Be Forgery

Despite recent claims of ancient origin, document matched to known forgery, shown to be in dialect and style incompatible with supposed origin date.

Can I Pray For The Cleveland Cavs?

Does God care about basketball? Is it ok to pray about the outcome of sporting events? Can I pray for LeBron James and the Cavs in the NBA Finals?

Saginaw Bishop Removes Priest For Attempting To Restore Tradition At His...

A priest is facing consequences for attempting to restore some tradition to the liturgy at a dying and aging parish.

When Does Christmas Actually End?

The Christmas season is only just beginning on December 25th. While the most popular carol of all suggests just twelve days, its a topic of hot debate among Catholics. When does Christmas actually end?

What Is the Odor of Sanctity? The Pleasant Smell of Saintly...

Osmogenesia, the odor of sanctity, is the fragrance of saints - a perfume-like scent gifted for their lives of extraordinary virtue.

This Is How Some Catholics Are Practicing The Gift Of Healing...

In the Gospel, Christ heals again and again. He heals lepers, makes lame men walk and blind men see. Yet, we know that the...

How the Donated Brains of Nuns Are Helping to Cure Alzheimer’s

The Catholic Church and science have long been married to one another. Its only natural that when researchers were studying Alzheimer's over 30 years ago, Catholic nuns were the first to answer the call for help.

Yet Another Scandal In The Church…

It’s a strange idea that the only way to truly respect and honor women is to expect them to be more like men. That seems like you're just honoring men and masculinity.

Christmas Octave: Now Is The Time For Radical Fidelity To Christ…But...

In these days, we have been plunged into a bitter darkness by the revelations of wolves in shepherd’s clothing.

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