Will YOU Go To Heaven?

If we’re just sitting around assuming that we are destined for reward when we’re not, the best thing we can encounter is a bit of that old fashioned cynicism.

When Martin Luther Criticized the Radical Heresies of Protestantism

Less than a decade after publishing his infamous 95 Theses, Martin Luther wrote a letter criticizing the radical heresies and sectarianism of Protestantism.

The Height of the Holy Family: Do We Know How Tall...

Do we know how tall each member of the Holy Family was? Absent from the Gospel, pious Church tradition and ancient writings offer insights.

Pope Francis: Even with a Prenatal Diagnosis “Abortion Is Never the...

Pope Francis called selective abortion following a prenatal diagnosis an "expression of an inhuman eugenic mentality," saying it is "never the answer."

Legend of the Veil: A Sculpture of a Veiled Christ That...

The Cristo Velato is such a masterful depiction of the veiled and scourged Christ in marble that it became the subject of legend, supposedly made by alchemy.

Look: This Macabre Statue Depicts the Flaying of Saint Bartholomew Skinned...

Saint Bartholomew Flayed depicts the martyrdom of the apostle, holding his own skin with each bone, muscle, and tendon set in stone.

Defeating Pro-Life Arguments

Notre Dame, and other buildings like it, are left over from an age that believed something fundamentally different about art and design.

The Dark Night of the Soul: When Even Saints Feel Separated...

The dark night of the soul: a purification through spiritual separation from God, some saint's endured for nearly their whole lives.

Did Pope Paul VI Prophesy About the Consequences of Contraception on...

In his landmark encylical Humanae vitae, Pope Saint Paul VI discusses the consequences of contraception that some would argue are manifest today.

How All Tea Is Secretly Named After a Catholic Priest

There are endless varieties of flavored blends and brews available, but all tea is actually secretly named after a Catholic priest.

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