Traditional Catholic Grievance Fatigue & Protesting Corruption

There are more constructive ways to address the crisis than the cycle of blame we seem to be caught in.

Catholic Soldier to Be Posthumously Awarded Medal of Honor

Staff Sergeant Travis W. Atkins will be posthumously awarded the medal the honor, killed tackling a suicide bomber in Al Yusufiyah, Iraq on June 1st, 2007.

The Flower of the Five Wounds: How Jesuits Named the Passionflower...

Renowned for its colorful blooms in shades of pink, purple, or blue: the perennial has the Jesuits and the Passion of Christ to thank for its name.

How Aquinas and a Jesuit Priest Are Responsible for Creating Hypertext

Computers weren't orginally invented to use words - if not for Thomas Aquinas and a Jesuit priest, you might not have been able to read this article.

Did You Know? Japanese Tempura Shrimp Is Actually a Catholic Lenten...

If you thought fried food in traditional Japanese cuisine to be odd, that's because the crispy creation is actually of Catholic, Lenten origin.

How The First Sunday of Lent Inspired The Piñata

When you mention a Piñata, the first thing you likely think of a child's birthday party and kids scrambling like mad to collect the candy the burst from it. But the piñata actually originated with a Catholic tradition tied to the First Sunday of Lent.

Catholics Abstain from Meat on Fridays During Lent. Do You Know...

Two hallmarks of the Lenten season: abstaining from meat on Fridays, and fish appearing on the menu. What's the origin of this penitential tradition?

Pope Francis Offers Lenten Advice in Ash Wednesday Homily

Pope Francis offered helpful advice in his Lenten homily - summoning Catholics around the world to heed these forty days as a "wake up call for the soul."

Lent: Why We Fast

We don’t do it because we think that some good thing like food or technology are bad. We do it because we recognize that we are bad and need to overcompensate to become good.

Did Pius XII Prophesy About a “Church Which Remains Silent and...

A "church which remains silent and weakens the Law of God" is the price for tolerance by the Secular State, warned Pope Venerable Pius XII 70 years ago.

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