10 Summer Ideas for the Catholic Family

Here are ten suggestions for Catholic families to encourage old-fashioned family bonding time as we enter into the summer months.

The World’s Smallest Catholic Church

While some think the most impressive of churches are large in stature, great churches can come in all sizes. One such example is the Saint Martin Church of Warrenton, Texas, the smallest active Catholic church in the world.

5 Great Films For Catholics On Netflix

Looking for a good movie on Netflix? Here are 5 movies great films for Catholics currently available for streaming on Netflix.

5 of the Earliest Non-Biblical References to Jesus

There are many secular and non-Christian writings from just shortly after His Ascension all the way to the fifth century that describe the Earthly Life of Jesus. What do these writings have to offer to us? Here are five of the earliest non-Biblical references to Jesus Christ.

The Terrifying Vision of Pope Leo XIII

On October 13th, 1884, 33 years before the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, Pope Leo XIII had a terrifying vision of the future of...
Pope Francis Pro Life Quotes

12 Pro-Life Quotes From Pope Francis

A collection of 12 quotes from Pope Francis on the dignity of all life and against the horror of abortion

Did You Know? Why Saint Joseph Is the Patron Saint of...

Chosen by God to be spouse of Mary and the foster father of Jesus Christ, here's why Saint Joseph is the patron saint of a happy death.

What Faith and Science Have in Common

Considering the origins of science are exclusively traced to monotheistic civilizations, they probably have a lot in common? Watch Brian Holdsworth’s video commentary on what faith and science have in common.

The First Recorded Pizza Delivery Was To A Catholic Bishop… In...

The favorite food of many and consumed in the billions of slices each year all around the globe. However, despite the dishes popularity, most don't know that the name pizza stems back to the first ever pizza delivery and party to a Catholic Bishop in the 10th century.

Mother Teresa To Be Made Saint After Pope Recognizes Second Miracle

Pope Francis on Thursday authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to promulgate a decree regarding a miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Teresa.

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