When They Found the Bones of Saint Peter

The story of how the bones of Saint Peter, the first pope, were been discovered below the Vatican.

Is Islam A Christian Heresy?

Historical attitudes and beliefs about the religion of Islam are not the same as we know them today. You might be surprised to learn that Medieval Christendom actually condemned Islam as a Christian heresy, a thought still surviving today.

The Secret Mystical Visions Of Mother Teresa

In letters written to her spiritual director, Jesuit priest Father Celeste Van Exem, Mother Teresa described experiencing four mystical visions between September 1946 and October 1947 that led to her founding of her new order, the Missionaries of Charity.

Did Pius XII Prophesy About a “Church Which Remains Silent and...

A "church which remains silent and weakens the Law of God" is the price for tolerance by the Secular State, warned Pope Venerable Pius XII 70 years ago.

What Fulton Sheen’s Notes In His Personal Notebook Tell Us About...

Nearly 60 years ago, Fulton Sheen wrote these notes inside a small notebook he kept while on a journey...

Christmas Octave: Jesus Didn’t Need A Family, He Chose One

Jesus chose family. He chose to come to earth in a manner that necessitated relationships. He was born as a baby. The majority of...

Look: This Macabre Statue Depicts the Flaying of Saint Bartholomew Skinned...

Saint Bartholomew Flayed depicts the martyrdom of the apostle, holding his own skin with each bone, muscle, and tendon set in stone.

Prayer Advice: Ten Important Tips to Grow

Take advantage of these ten tips for how to establish in our lives a strong, dynamic and blossoming prayer life, keenly aware that our salvation and the salvation of many other souls depends on it!

If You Were Pope What Would You Change?

This experiment we’ve been on for the last half-century has been one in which we’ve been chasing cultural relevance only to drive our Church into a deeper state of cultural irrelevance.

Newborn Baby Found In Manger Of Church Nativity Scene

A newborn baby who still had his umbilical cord attached was found in the manger of a nativity scene at a Holy Child Jesus Church

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