3 Reasons NOT To Give Up Social Media For Lent

Every year, a huge number of Catholics choose to give up social media for Lent. They often feel that removing the distracting and consuming...

What Fulton Sheen’s Notes In His Personal Notebook Tell Us About...

Nearly 60 years ago, Fulton Sheen wrote these notes inside a small notebook he kept while on a journey...

On Leaving The Catholic Church During Scandal

During times of scandal like what the Church is experiencing now, many are tempted to leave the Church...

The Young Pope’s Women

For the many things HBO's "Young Pope" gets wrong, one thing it gets right is Pius XIII's relationship with women.

Pope Francis Announces 20 New Cardinals

Pope Francis read out the names of 20 bishops and archbishops who will be raised to the dignity of the cardinalate at the upcoming Consistory on February 14th.

Is It Possible To Go To Mass With Children? Tips For...

Right now, it’s just a struggle to get my family to Mass, let alone learn all the words to the prayers! No matter how early I wake up or how many outfits I carefully lay out the night before it seems that something will inevitably slow us down.

The Altar Server: A School of Faith

In the case of the altar server, we become more aware of how our gestures are truly powerful means of communication. Even when we do not realize it, how we stand, how we sit, how we move, speaks to those around us: for better or for worse.

What It Means To Be Catholic

Watch Brian Holdsworth’s video commentary on what it means to be Catholic. What is the original usage of the word and how is that understood as it’s traced through the history of Christ’s Church?

The Catholic Origins of Veterans Day

In accordance with an old Catholic tradition, the official armistice that ended "The Great War" or World War I, was signed on the feast of Saint Martin during the 11th hour.

Why Do Popes Change Their Names?

No Church doctrine exists requiring a pope to take on a new name after their election. Today, a papal conclave will ask of the new pope "By which name will you be known?" However, if taking on a papal name is not a requirement, why do they change their names?

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