Saint Gabriel Possenti, the Potential Patron of Handguns?

A 22 year Passionist monk defended his city from bandits with his marksmanship without harming a single person, could he be the patron of handguns?

Pope Francis Permits Pilgrimages to Medjugorje

Pope Francis has authorized parishes and dioceses to organize priest-led pilgrimages to Medjugorje, a site of alleged Marian apparitions that "need study."

Truce of God: The First Mass Peace Movement Was Catholic

Peace used to be rare, and didnt exist as an institution until the first Truce of God was declared: the first mass peace movement was a Catholic creation.

Notre Dame vs. Modern Architects

Notre Dame, and other buildings like it, are left over from an age that believed something fundamentally different about art and design.

From Assaulting a Priest to Devout Catholic: The Story of Saint...

A staunch anti-papist who went from beating a priest to a becoming devout man of the Faith, this is the story of Saint Peregrine.

The History Behind the “Forest” That Burned in the Notre-Dame Cathedral...

"The Forest" of the Notre-Dame Cathedral was made up of over 1300 oak trees, some dating as far back as the eighth century.

Whats Inside Notre-Dame: The Fate of the Relics and Religious Treasures...

A bastion of Church history, the Notre-Dame houses priceless relics and religious treasures. What was their fate in the wake of the devastating fire?

BREAKING NEWS: Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is on Fire

The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris has caught fire, according to photos and videos on social media.

When Salvador Dali Painted for the Pope

Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali was a devout Catholic whose work was inspired by his Faith, once even painting for the pope.

The Other Joseph: A Homily for Passion Sunday

Be prudent. Be not afraid. Be saints like the man from Arimatehea. Amen. Gloria Deo.

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