Beginning of Holiness

According to Blessed Mother Teresa, PRAYER leads to ONENESS WITH GOD which leads to HOLINESS.

Creator Of Nutella Says Secret Ingredient Of Success Was the Virgin...

It might surprise you to learn that founder and inventor of Nutella credits all of his success to Our Lady of Lourdes.

If You Were Pope What Would You Change?

This experiment we’ve been on for the last half-century has been one in which we’ve been chasing cultural relevance only to drive our Church into a deeper state of cultural irrelevance.

Notre Dame vs. Modern Architects

Notre Dame, and other buildings like it, are left over from an age that believed something fundamentally different about art and design.

1 Priest Killed, 1 Critically Wounded In Attack

A 28-year-old priest was shot and killed and another wounded at a Catholic church Wednesday night near the state Capitol, a Phoenix police spokesman said.

Pope Francis: Catholics Do Not Need To Breed ‘Like Rabbits’

When a journalist asked Pope Francis about birth control during an impromptu press conference on the papal plane, Pope Francis said contraception isn't the answer, but rather 'responsible parenthood.' He explained it with graphic words.

No, the Catholic Church Did Not Help the Nazis.

A pervasive myth often perpetuated is that the Church somehow assisted the Nazi regime during World War II. These claims are borne of revisionist history, and could not be further from the truth. In fact, the Church was one of the strongest opponents to Nazism and racial oppression.

Official Statement on Fr. Tom from the Salesians of Don Bosco

To help you distinguish the authentic reports regarding the situation of Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, SDB, from the false rumors doing the rounds, here is...

What Is the Meaning Behind the Names of Three Archangels?

In the Bible, we see humans rebuffed when asking for the name of an angel. What then do the names of the Archangels God has chosen to reveal to us mean?

The Pope and the Pendulum: The First Mechanical Clock Was a...

From sundials to the hourglass, no way of telling time was accurate until the first mechanical clock - a medieval Catholic invention by Pope Sylvester II.

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