Pope Francis Permits Pilgrimages to Medjugorje

Pope Francis has authorized parishes and dioceses to organize priest-led pilgrimages to Medjugorje, a site of alleged Marian apparitions that "need study."

Was Jesus Really a Carpenter?

Images of Christ as a carpenter are seen from children's books illustrations to paintings by great artists, in religious texts and even the Bible. With all the evidence, it might seem silly to ask: was Jesus really a carpenter?

Who Divided The Bible Into Chapters And Verses?

How did the Bible become divided into its chapters and verses?

A Complete Guide To The Rules For Lent

A complete and easy guide to learning and following the fasting and dietary rules and more for Lent

How Knights Help Saved This Catholic Family From Syria

These Syrian Catholics had few options and little help, and their situation seemed dire. That is when Knights came to the rescue.

What’s Los Angeles Archbishop Gomez Doing Reviewing A Movie?

Los Angeles Archbishop Gomez discuss the upcoming movie "Little Boy" and it's emphasis on the "Corporal Works of Mercy"

QB Russell Wilson Is Descended From A Catholic Saint

Seattle QB Russell Wilson found out on the PBS show “Finding Your Roots” that he is descended from the Catholic Patron Saint of Beer

A Prophetic Pope And The Tradition Of Catholic Social Teaching

In the wake of the publication of Pope Francis’s encyclical letter Laudato Si’ and of the Pope’s recent speeches in Latin America, many supporters of the capitalist economy in the West might be forgiven for thinking that His Holiness has something against them.

12 Quotes From Pope Francis’ Exclusive Interview

A list of 12 selected quoted from Pope Francis' recent exclusive interview with La Civiltà Cattolica

My Journey to Priesthood: An African-American Perspective

When I was ordained, I was welcomed to the brotherhood of my presbyterate, who saw me not just as an African-American, but truly as their brother!

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