Inside The Cave-Shrine Where Saint Michael The Archangel Appeared

The Sanctuary of Saint Michael has been one of the most important pilgrammage sites since the early Middle Ages thanks to four apparitions of the archangel.

Bill Murray On 18th Century Saints, Pope John XXIII, & The...

In a recent interview with The Guardian promoting his new film Saint Vincent, Bill Murray shared his thoughts on recent canonizations, Latin Mass, and sacred music

5 Rare Photos from Pope Francis’ Childhood

Pope Francis turns 80-years old today! Here are 5 pictures of his childhood Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope Francis

According to the Bible, This Is Where The Battle of Armageddon...

The Book of Revelation prophesies that an end-times battle will be fought at a place called Armageddon. However, Armageddon isn't just an abstract term used to describe the final battle between good and evil - its actually a real place in Israel.

Knock Your Socks Off! A Saint John Paul II Miracle Story

An amazing story about a cancer diagnosis and a piece of a simple white sock.

This Nun Was The First Woman To Earn A PhD in...

A Catholic nun was the first woman to earn a doctorate in computer sciences (and only the second person altogether) and helped develop the coding language that made computers accessible to more people.

Did You Know? The Reason Why The Bed From John Paul...

The bed was originally part of a TWA plane commissioned by the Vatican for use as John Paul II's papal plane in the late 1970's and now resides in Kansas City.

Holy League: Sacred Without the Sappy

The Holy League is a new network of parish-based fraternities of men dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament and returning to the state of grace.

Prayer Advice: Ten Important Tips to Grow

Take advantage of these ten tips for how to establish in our lives a strong, dynamic and blossoming prayer life, keenly aware that our salvation and the salvation of many other souls depends on it!

Covington Catholic Kids In The Crosshairs

The whole affair is an astonishing revelation of how far our society has fallen from any notion of decency and good-will.

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