You’re Not a Psychiatrist, But You Need These 5 Psychological Tools

There are many jobs that are not strictly in the field of psychology, yet rely heavily on the knowledge and skills that psychology has to offer. Here are 5 tools YOU can use in any profession.

4 Lessons on Divine Mercy from the Woman at the Well

Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well shows us four principles regarding the divine mercy.
Kalam Argument

The Simplest Argument for God’s Existence

The Kalām cosmological argument is a variation of the cosmological argument that argues for the existence of a first cause for the universe, and the existence of a god.

Did You Know? Japanese Tempura Shrimp Is Actually a Catholic Lenten...

If you thought fried food in traditional Japanese cuisine to be odd, that's because the crispy creation is actually of Catholic, Lenten origin.

A 9-Year Old Girl Wrote Mother Teresa A Letter: Here’s The...

With Mother Teresa's canonization happening this weekend, many stories of the saintly virtues of her life are being recalled. But one story, in particular,...

How Are Communion Wafers Made?

How are Communion wafers made and what are the requirements for them to be valid?

Twas a Night in the Empire: A Christmas Poem

A Christmas poem by Fr. Edwin C. Dwyer

Do All Catholics Have The Ability To Heal The Sick?

Throughout scripture, there are many stories of the miraculous healings performed by Christ, the Apostles, and other figures. These passages highlight the compassion, love, and care God has for all his children, both spiritually and physically.

How the Ichthys, or “Sign of the Fish,” Became Associated with...

The ichthys, also known colloquially as the "Jesus fish," has been a symbol representing Jesus Christ for nearly the entire history of the Church. What does this symbol actually mean, and how did it come to represent our Lord?

Holy Cuteness! Rare Photos of 12 Saints as Children

So much potential that was used so well.

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