Catholic Questions: Can You Receive Communion More Than Once per Day?

Can a Catholic receive the Eucharist more than once per day, and if so, how many times per day is it acceptable to do so?

Did You Know? All Chaplains Given the Medal of Honor Since...

Established during the Civil War in 1861, since then after all chaplains to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor have been Catholic.

The History Behind 1 of Only 3 Perfect Gutenberg Bibles in...

Housed in the Library of Congress is 1 of only 3 perfect, vellum copies of the Gutenberg Bible, the first ever printed book.

The Saint Martyred by Crushing While Pregnant for Protecting Priests

Saint Margaret Clitherow, the "Pearl of York," was martyred while pregnant for protecting priests, pressed to death under the Protestant "Good Queen Bess."

The Oldest Remaining Gold Rush Catholic Church Built in a National...

Built to minister to Catholic miners during the California gold rush, the Sawyers Bar Church in Klamath National Forest is the oldest of its kind.

Catholic Questions: How Much Can Holy Water Be Diluted?

Quirky Catholic Questions: How Much Can Holy Water Be Diluted?

Jesuit Leader Says Satan Is “Not a Person,” Only a “Symbolic...

Father Arturo Sosa, superior general of the Society of Jesus, said Satan is "not a person" but only a "symbolic reality."

The Devil & the Diabolic: An Epic Sermon by Fulton Sheen...

In his only family retreat ever recorded on video, Fulton Sheen analyzes the devil, the diabolic, and anything satanic in front a live audience.

The Mystic From Ohio That Healed Mother Angelica in Her ‘Miracle...

An Ohio-native, Rhoda Wise was a mystic and stigmatic who healed Mother Angelica in her 'miracle house' and inspired her to become a nun.

It’s Like American Idol For Catholic Youth…

Grab a pen, a copy of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si, and invite the Holy Spirit to inspire you to write a song for the Baptized And Sent Song Contest which celebrates the Extraordinary Missionary Month!

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