Why Did John Paul II Said This Prayer Every Day?

Saint John Paul II believed prayer was his first duty as pope, to obtain help from God on behalf of the Church and world. Why did he say this prayer every day?

Pope Francis Says There Is “No Place” For Actively Homosexual Priests

In an interview Pope Francis addressed the topic of homosexuality within the clergy, saying those with deep seated tendencies cannot be accepted into consecrated life or ministry.

Archaeologists Discover Ring of Pontius Pilate near Bethlehem

Archaeologists believe they have discovered the ring of Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect of Judea who ordered the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Did You Know? Why Every Catholic Altar Contains Relics of Saints

Contained within every consecrated Catholic altar are relics of saints, an ancient tradition that finds its roots in the very earliest days of the Church.

Did You Know? The Bible Was the First Ever Printed Book

Seen as one of the most important events in the history of the world, the invention of the printing press changed the world with the first ever printed book: the Bible.

Does God Care How We Worship?

Brian Holdsworth discusses liturgy and whether or not God cares how we worship him.

Incredible Painting Depicting Face of Jesus Found in Ruins of Ancient...

Archaeologists have discovered a painting depicting the face of a young Jesus Christ in the ruins of an ancient church in the Israeli desert, one of the oldest in existence.

The Catholic Origins of Veterans Day

In accordance with an old Catholic tradition, the official armistice that ended "The Great War" or World War I, was signed on the feast of Saint Martin during the 11th hour.

Did You Know? How The Original “Dunce” Was Actually a Catholic...

The dunce cap has been a long-standing symbol of stupidity and disgrace but ironically rose to fame as a signifier of high intelligence. You might be surprised to learn that the original "dunce" was actually a brilliant beatified Catholic!

Parents Say Child Has Miraculous Recovery From Tumor After Pope Kissed...

Three years ago, she was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor as just an infant. Today, she's made a miraculous recovery - her parents say in part thanks to a kiss on her heard from Pope Francis.

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