What Is The Pope’s Actual Title? (Hint: It’s Not Pope)

Following the resignation of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the Papal Conclave of 2013 was convened to elect his successor. On March 13th, 2013 white smoke...

Keeping Youth in the Church

All too often, the Church tries to reach out to youth with attempts to be relevant. But these attempts almost always come off as out of touch, desperate pandering.

What We Can Learn from the Church Scandals

Watch Brian Holdsworth's video about how we should respond to the disappointment that is caused by the scandals and moral failures of our spiritual leaders.

Does St. Pope John Paul II Deserve the Title “St. John...

Only two or three Popes have been considered “Great” and this was only determined by Church historians many years after their death. Is Pope St. John Paul II the next?

Was Jesus Really Born “Poor”? This One Biblical Hint Offers A...

How do we actually know that Jesus was born poor? One Biblical clue allows us to know exactly how poor and modest the Holy Family truly was.

Did Pontius Pilate Exist? Evidence with a Name Set in Stone

Pontius Pilate, the larger-than-life character, the Roman prefect ruling over Judea who found Christ guilty of no crimes but allowed Him to be carried to His death regardless. Besides Gospel accounts in the New Testament, what evidence do we have for his existence?

3 Men Who Would Have Dominated Wall Street… If They Hadn’t...

You don’t often think about Wall Street and the Holy Father in the same breath-- but, financial success and holiness can go hand in hand, especially when they are directed at the greater good of serving God and serving others.

The Blood Miracle of St. Januarius

Every year on the feast of St. Januarius a vial of blood of the beheaded San liquefies in its ampoule before the public. The miracle has been scientifically studied extensively and has not been explained to natural processes.

Are There Hidden Knights Templar Symbols In America’s Favorite Cookie?

People are probably concerned with how to split an Oreo and keep the cream filling intact, not how it got its trademark design. However, most don't know that the embossed face of an Oreo cookie actually contains a hidden symbol of the Knights Templar.

Would You Call Yourself A “Slacktivist For Life”?

Slacktivist is a new term going around these days, have you heard of it? A slacktivist is someone who readily hits the “like”, “tweet”,...

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