10 Best Catholic Apps

7 Essential Catholic Apps

Here are 7 great Catholic must have apps for your iOS devices

Made for Love: The Purpose of Mankind’s Creation

Through a sincere devotion to God, man can fully know how to love, as he ought. It was God who designed mankind to share His love well. It is the crux of the human experience, Reason for Existence: to know, love, and to be known, and to be loved in return.

Why Do Catholic Priests Take a Vow of Celibacy?

For the first thousand or so years of the Chirch, priests would commonly marry and have children. The first pope himself, Saint Peter, had a wife and most likely children. How did the priestly vow of celibacy evolve to be such an ingrained part of Catholic tradition?

The First Airborne Catholic Mass Was Said On The Hindenburg. (Yes,...

Just one year prior to the airship's untimely demise in the Hindenburg disaster, it made its maiden voyage across the Atlantic. On board was one Catholic priest, ready to do something no priest has done before.

Should Catholics Believe in Ghosts?

Phantoms and poltergeists, spirits and specters. Ghosts by many a name, the souls of the dead trying to communicate with the living. Do Catholics really believe in ghosts, and what does the Church have to say on the matter?

What Happened to the “True Cross” That Christ Was Crucified On?

In the past two millennia the True Cross has been hidden and rediscovered many times; broken apart and dispersed in many pieces on a journey across the world. What remains of the True Cross, and where is it located today?

Did You Know? Jesus Is Officially the King of Poland

Jesus is not only the Lord of lords, but the King of kings: in 2016, their government officially recognized that, making Christ the King of Poland.

Can I Pray For The Cleveland Cavs?

Does God care about basketball? Is it ok to pray about the outcome of sporting events? Can I pray for LeBron James and the Cavs in the NBA Finals?

The Church Is Not Just “Pro-Birth”, It Is Pro-Life

Many opponents of the Church's teachings on abortion argue that we only care about a child being born, but not what happens to that child afterward.

Swiss Guard Sport New 3-D Printed Plastic Helmets on Their 513th...

The oldest standing army is getting an update on their 513th anniversary, replacing heavy metal helmets for new lightweight 3-D printed plastic headgear.

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