These 7 Saints Fell Asleep in a Cave and Awoke 100...

During the great religious persecution of Catholics under Roman Emperor Decius, seven young men retreated to a mountain cave after being told to recant their faith or face punishment of death. Over a hundred years later, they awoke to a very different world.

4 Advantages To Learning About Catholic Psychology Without Leaving Home

When the Institute for the Psychological Sciences started an online M.S. in Psychology program, they were responding to a need expressed by Catholics across...

Another Sort of Feminism: 7 Risks Of The Pill

Are the Pill’s health risks worth it for those women? I don’t believe the Pill or other hormonal contraceptives are worth the health risks they pose to women. Here are seven reasons why...

Thoughts and Prayers?

By Caitlin Marchand "Thoughts and prayers."  Sadly it has been a year full of tragedies to which we respond with thoughts and prayers.  In fact,...

Did You Know? The Pilgrims Were Saved on Their First Thanksgiving...

Most everyone knows the traditional folktale of the first Thanksgiving celebration in America. But what most people don't know is that Puritan Pilgrims fleeing from Anglican England found their savior in the unlikeliest of places - a baptized Catholic American Indian.

Holy Stairs: Are These the Actual Steps Jesus Walked on to...

Christ was taken to His Trial at Pontius Pilate's palace by way of 28 marble steps. Today, they are known as the Scala Sancta: the Holy Stairs.

Priest in Diocese Rocked by Scandal Delivers Powerful Homily

After a recent scandal broke out in his diocese, a priest delivered a powerful homily on seeking justice and why a Catholic should go directly to legal authorities when crimes such as sexual abuse are suspected.

The Oldest Known Copy of the Our Father

The Lord's Prayer, also known as the Our Father or the Pater Noster, is one of the oldest Catholic prayers that was given to the faithful by Jesus Christ Himself. 65 years ago, the oldest known written copy of the Our Father was discovered in the sands of Egypt.

You’re Not a Psychiatrist, But You Need These 5 Psychological Tools

There are many jobs that are not strictly in the field of psychology, yet rely heavily on the knowledge and skills that psychology has to offer. Here are 5 tools YOU can use in any profession.

Is This the Same Manger That Jesus Was Placed In?

Everyone has seen a nativity scene during the Christmas season, and knows that when the inn had no room, Mary laid the Holy Child in a manger. While a great deal of relics from the time of Christ have been lost to history, do any remain of the manger?

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