Whose Side Would You Take?

We shouldn't take sides based on who is able to play the underdog best. Instinctually, we want to choose the side of the "weak", But often, strength is a sign of virtue and weakness is a sign of intemperance.

The REAL Sword in the Stone Belonged to the Catholic Church’s...

You saw the Disney movie as a kid. You may have read the book. But did you know some of it was based on...

The Catholic Origins Of 5 Alcoholic Beverages

The Catholic origins of 5 well known Wines, Beers, & Liqueurs

Is The Upcoming Solar Eclipse Foretold In A Prophecy From The...

On August 21st, a solar eclipse be visible across the entire United States. For those lucky enough to be in the path of totality, a total solar eclipse will turn day into night. Is the upcoming solar eclipse a sign for a prophecy as foretold in the Book of Revelation?

Priest Who Helped Shape Apple’s Design Aesthetic Dies At 83

A Catholic Priest, Fr. Robert J. Palladino, who helped inspire the legendary design style of Steve Jobs and Apple computers has passed away at 83.

Inside The Cave-Shrine Where Saint Michael The Archangel Appeared

The Sanctuary of Saint Michael has been one of the most important pilgrammage sites since the early Middle Ages thanks to four apparitions of the archangel.

5 Unbelievable But True Miracles

In common speech, one may call the improbable or newly discovered a miracle, but as Catholics we know a miracle to be an extraordinary divine act of God. Here are five unbelievable, but true miracles of the Catholic Church.

The Beard Balm With A Mission

As a child, Saul's father taught him how to make a tent. Once he had mastered the craft, he was presented with his own set of knives and awls.
Lizzie Velasquez

Bullied Catholic Woman on True Beauty

Lizzie Velasquez was born with a rare disease that makes it impossible for her to gain weight. A few years ago so discovered that internet bullies cruelly voted her the "ugliest on the Internet." Rising above her tormentors she has gone on to succeed greatly in life.

Watch: Byzantine and Latin Sisters Use Oreos in Hilarious Adele Parody...

In a hilarious video parodying the hit song "Hello" by British singer-songwriter Adele, sisters from two religious communities found a way to show unity in an unlikely place: milk's favorite cookie.

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