Did You Know Disney Animated A Beautiful Prayer To Our Lady?

Nearly 77 years ago, the first screening of the Walt Disney feature film Fantasia took place in the Broadway Theatre of New York. Since its opening night, it has gone down as a pinnacle of animation. It's final segment includes a beautiful animated prayer to Our Lady.

Elvis Sings “The Miracle of the Rosary”

On May 15, 1971, Elvis Presley recorded  “The Miracle of the Rosary” for inclusion on his album "Elvis Now!". Though he was a man faith, he was raised in the evangelical Assemblies of God denomination, so singing a quintessentially Catholic song makes little sense.

Over 200 Australian Youths Send Open Letter to the Synod Fathers

Over 200 Catholic university students and alumni have penned an Open Letter to the Synod on Youth, saying that young people want the truth.  The unambiguous truth. Not watered down teachings, false embellishments, weak instruction, and a Church that changes with the times.

A Brief History Of The Popemobile

It's one of the most iconic vehicles in the world. Here's a brief history of the Popemobile.

3 Unbelievable but True Miracles of the Eucharist

Here are three unbelievable but true miracles of the Eucharist within the Catholic Church.

Schism in the Orthodox Church: Russian Orthodox Cut Ties with Constantinople

In what is being called the greatest split in the Orthodox Church of modern history, the Russian Orthodox Church has officially cut ties with the Constantinople Patriarchate and are now in "schism" with each other.

Should You Marry Someone With Different Beliefs?

Should you marry someone with different beliefs? If you do, what impact will that have on your relationship long-term, and how will you deal with those differences?

5 Unbelievable But True Miracles

In common speech, one may call the improbable or newly discovered a miracle, but as Catholics we know a miracle to be an extraordinary divine act of God. Here are five unbelievable, but true miracles of the Catholic Church.

5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Catholic

It might surprise you, but Catholicism in Hollywood is not as rare as you think. Here are five celebrities that have spoken openly about their Faith you probably don't know about!

7 Odd Catholic Patron Saints You Probably Don’t Know About

Saints can be venerated as the Heavenly advocate and special intercessor for a wide variety of patronages. Here are seven of the most bizarre and unusual Catholic patron saints that you probably don't know about.

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