Parish Priest Faced With Declining Parish Gives Homily Every Priest Needs...

Faced with the reality of a shrinking parish, one priest in a small Michigan diocese gave an epic homily as Advent started that shows the how the Church can find its future by embracing its past.

More Than A Birdbath: The Real Mystical & Historical Saint Francis

For many people in the modern world, he is a quaint, nature-loving innocuous figure, relegated to a simplification that is a pale comparison of the mystical, fiery, and earth-shaking historical figure that he truly was.

Holy Water History: Why Catholics Bless Themselves Entering a Church

As Catholics, one of the first things done upon entering a Church is making the sign of the cross with Holy Water from the nearest font. But have you ever wondered what the origin of the practice is? 

The Severed Holy Head of Saint Catherine of Siena

The Catholic Church is no stranger to the macabre, and holy relics are no exception. One of the most captivating displays of saintly relics within the Church is the severed head of Saint Catherine of Siena.

Why Does Good Liturgy Matter?

Does the form of our Liturgy matter? Does it make an impact on the Church, Society, and souls?

Why Did John Paul II Said This Prayer Every Day?

Saint John Paul II believed prayer was his first duty as pope, to obtain help from God on behalf of the Church and world. Why did he say this prayer every day?

Pope Francis Says There Is “No Place” For Actively Homosexual Priests

In an interview Pope Francis addressed the topic of homosexuality within the clergy, saying those with deep seated tendencies cannot be accepted into consecrated life or ministry.

Archaeologists Discover Ring of Pontius Pilate near Bethlehem

Archaeologists believe they have discovered the ring of Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect of Judea who ordered the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Did You Know? Why Every Catholic Altar Contains Relics of Saints

Contained within every consecrated Catholic altar are relics of saints, an ancient tradition that finds its roots in the very earliest days of the Church.

Did You Know? The Bible Was the First Ever Printed Book

Seen as one of the most important events in the history of the world, the invention of the printing press changed the world with the first ever printed book: the Bible.

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