Just one year prior to the airship's untimely demise in the Hindenburg disaster, it made its maiden voyage across the Atlantic. On board was one Catholic priest, ready to do something no priest has done before.
Franciscan Father Ignatius Maternowski, who parachuted into Normandy on D-Day, was the only Military Chaplain casualty of the invasion, shot in the back by Nazi snipers while trying to aid the wounded.
Do you want to make your confession, but the confession schedule makes it difficult or impossible? Here are tips on how to schedule confession with a priest.
We shouldn't take sides based on who is able to play the underdog best. Instinctually, we want to choose the side of the "weak", But often, strength is a sign of virtue and weakness is a sign of intemperance.
As Catholics, we ask for the intercession of patron saints in Heaven to pray for us on our behalf. Do you know the patron saint to pray to for your country?
Pontius Pilate, the larger-than-life character, the Roman prefect ruling over Judea who found Christ guilty of no crimes but allowed Him to be carried to His death regardless. Besides Gospel accounts in the New Testament, what evidence do we have for his existence?
Watch Brian Holdsworth’s video addressing the question of whether or not Catholics have a relationship with Jesus.
Most everyone in grade school learns the history of his involvement with resistance against the government, his time spent with Buffalo Bill, and his unfortunate death. What most people don't know about Chief Sitting Bull, however, is that Sitting Bull wore a crucifix. Here's why...
Why are young people leaving the Church as they reach adulthood? Is it because as children they are being taught a version of Jesus and God that has more to do with Disney than Saint Thomas Aquinas?
Yes, it is still Easter. Even in Ascensiontide (the ten days after Ascension Day to the eve of Pentecost) we are still in Eastertide (Easter Sunday to Pentecost), so the joyful proclamation of the Resurrection still goes on. If...