Can Christians Get Tattoos?

Can Christians get tattoos? Doesn't it say in the Bible ”You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you"? Watch this episode of Made for Glory as Father Michael Nixon talks about Christians and tattoos.

What’s With All The Standing, Sitting, & Kneeling at Mass?

If you've ever been to a Catholic mass you've probably asked yourself, "what's with all the standing, and sitting, and kneeling?" Find out why on today's episode.

The Hail Mary

On today's episode, Father Michael explains where the "Hail Mary" comes from and why Catholics pray it.

Can Catholics Smoke Weed?

Father Michael Nixon discusses church teaching regarding the consumption of alcohol. He also offers advice on what one should do, should they desire to consume alcohol in accordance with a Christian lifestyle.

Smells & Bells

Father Michael discusses the significance of incense and bells within the context of the Mass.

What Is The Rosary?

Father Michael shares insights on the origins of The Rosary.

Why Does God Love Me?

Father Michael talks about baptism, how God enters into the messiness of our lives and makes a definitive proclamation that we are​ His beloved sons and daughters.

The Offertory

Father Michael offers a special way of looking at the collection that happens during mass. Specifically, he looks at how it can be a moment of deep and profound prayer.

God’s Innermost Secret

Today, Father Michael shares God's innermost secret - it might not be what you expect.

Why Do Catholics Make The Sign Of The Cross?

Watch this episode of Made for Glory as Father Michael Nixon discusses why Catholics make the Sign of the Cross?

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