What Is A Monk?

Father Michael talks about what a monk is, why someone would want to be a monk, and what exactly it is that monks do.

The Great Commission

Father Michael examines the final mission Jesus gave all of His disciples before He ascended into heaven.

Receiving the Eucharist

Father Michael explores the profoundness of the Eucharist. Particularly, in and through the nuptial union it represents.

The Climax of the Mass

Everything that happens at the mass culminates in the moment of consecration. Father Michael discusses the importance of the celebration of the Eucharist.

The World’s Biggest Bible Study

Father Michael offers insight into just how scripturally rich the Mass is. He also talks about the universal experience of every Catholic as they attend Mass.

The Offertory

Father Michael offers a special way of looking at the collection that happens during mass. Specifically, he looks at how it can be a moment of deep and profound prayer.

Smells & Bells

Father Michael discusses the significance of incense and bells within the context of the Mass.

What’s With All The Standing, Sitting, & Kneeling at Mass?

If you've ever been to a Catholic mass you've probably asked yourself, "what's with all the standing, and sitting, and kneeling?" Find out why on today's episode.

Graven Image or Glorified Creation?

Father Michael looks at the difference between graven images and the statues you're sure to find upon entering any Catholic church.

Why Do We Sing At Mass?

Father Michael dives deep into the reasoning and meaning of song at mass. He also examines what happens when we participate in song.

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