The upcoming canonization of Junípero Serra in Washington, D.C.—the first ever to take place on American soil—has generated a good deal of controversy.
Fr. Barron comment of Independence Day and Freedom
There is no other subject on which the average mind is so much confused as the subject of tolerance and intolerance.
The Holy Father Pope Francis' released Laudato Si', his ecological encyclical on "Care For Our Common Home". Here is selecting of quotes from the encyclical.
From the producer of “The Passion of the Christ” comes a documentary that looks to use science and astronomy to prove the historical existence of the Star of Bethlehem, whose existence has been debated for centuries by historians, scientists and scholars.
Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in the Trinity. In their booklet Should you believe in the Trinity? they give their reasons why. Today we're going to begin to expose some of it's many errors.
In this second look at the Jehovah's Witnesses Annihilation of the Soul we point out some Scripture verses and some writings from the Fathers showing that the soul is immortal.
Jehovah Witnesses believe that when a man dies he completely ceases to exist. Today we look at an argument showing that a man is made of both a body and a soul. When the body dies, the soul continues in existence.
God's Revelation is clear that there is a hell.
Today we look at a common sense argument and some Sacred Scripture showing that accepting a blood transfusion does not break the Old Testament law of not eating blood.



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